In the near future, WhatsApp might allow you to export Google Drive backups

In the near future, WhatsApp might allow you to export Google Drive backups ...

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a platform to allow users to export their chat backups on Google Drive. This is a possibility for Android users to see the information from the device from where a message is received. This will be beneficial for WhatsApp users given that they have similar features on WhatsApp.

According to a report from WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging app is working on the option to allow users to export their chat backups from Google Drive to the local storage of their devices. The backup is believed to have a complete chat history, including messages, images, videos, and other media files.

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot to give us a glimpse of the feature that has yet to be available even to beta testers. The screenshot shows that users would have the option to export backups in the Chat backup settings so they may transfer their backups from Google Drive.

WhatsApp is spotted working on a Android backup option, according to WABetaInfo.

According to the source, WhatsApp would include the option to import chat backups on Google Drive.

WhatsApp backups on Google Drive would have a limited storage capacity, according to WABetaInfo. A new discovery in the scenario would allow users to import their chat backups if they hit the particular threshold on Google Drive and store their backup data offline. Users may also be able to upload their chat backups back to Google Drive when they have enough space.

Exact details on when WhatsApp might enable the option to export backups from Google Drive are yet to be revealed. It''s also unclear whether WhatsApp would prefer allowing iOS users to export their backups stored on iCloud in an identical fashion.

In addition to the export backup option, WhatsApp has started testing the ability for its business users to provide an overview of device information about their outgoing messages if there are other linked devices accessing the same account.

According to WABetaInfo, the change has been implemented via WhatsApp Business for Android beta version and WhatsApp Business for iOS beta version It is also said to be in testing for businesses accessing the app on a desktop.

A couple of screenshots shared by WABetaInfo show that users will be able to see the name of the linked device from the point where the message was sent in the chats thread.

WhatsApp is testing its ability to persuade business users to know from where they have received a photo. WABetaInfo

In iOS, a screenshot suggests that users would see the word Admin along with the name of the device to indicate that the message was received by a specific device.

The redesign is beneficial to individuals who use the same account on several devices. It would allow them to keep track of the device used for sending a particular message.

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