The Xbox Design Lab has expanded to 11 additional countries, including new customization options

The Xbox Design Lab has expanded to 11 additional countries, including new customization options ...

Xbox Design Lab Microsoft''s custom Xbox controller design service will expand to around a dozen other countries, according to the American giant. The service was temporarily disabled last week, as part of today''s announcement. It now has four new pastel color choices as well as customization options, including five new Camo Top cases as well. A Pride-themed Xbox controller will also be available for purchase starting today in countries where Xbox Design Lab is supported.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that its Xbox Design Lab controller customization service will be available in 11 new countries. Gamers from Australia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, and Switzerland will be able to access the company''s service and design their own controllers. Taiwan will have a seat on the list of its supported countries.

The Xbox Design Lab website was temporarily removed last week, and a message on the company''s website read wait until you see what was working on, implying that the Xbox Design lab will soon be reinstated. As part of the changes, gamers may now choose from an expanded assortment of colors and customization options, according to Microsoft.

Four new pastel colors will be available in the Xbox Design Lab, including Soft Green, Soft Orange, Soft Pink, and Soft Purple. As a result, five new Camo Top cases with matching sides caps are now available Arctic Camo, Blaze Camo, Forest Camo, Mineral Camo, and Sandglow Camo. The Xbox Design Lab was previously available in Canada, the United States, and several Western European countries. We have continued to wait on an Indian launch.

The Pride-themed controller will be available on Amazon in countries where Xbox Design Lab is supported starting today. The custom shell for the controller is inspired by 34 LGBTQIA+ community flags, and it can be customized with a wide variety of colors, including rubberized grips, and custom engravings. The controller will be able to be customize according to your preferences.

Before the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday, Microsoft announced that it will extend Xbox Cloud Gaming to Argentina and New Zealand, allowing gamers in both countries to stream hundreds of games from the cloud on iOS and Android smartphones. Microsoft also announced that it will update Microsoft Edge and Windows 11 with features and enhancements geared toward gamers. Microsoft also revealed that its upcoming Project Moorcroft program will allow Xbox Game Pass members to test curated demos of the upcoming games.

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