For its 50th Birthday, Popeyes brings back a classic

For its 50th Birthday, Popeyes brings back a classic ...

Get Restaurant Brands International Inc. ReportPopeyes may be just a fried chicken restaurant to the majority, but it''s a lot more for New Orleanians. It''s a popular tradition.

In 1972, the chain was established in the small, unassuming New Orleans suburb of Arabi. Its now famous for its chicken sandwich had a surprisingly modest beginning.

After Popeye Doyle''s "The French Connection," founder Alvin C. Copeland changed the name to Popeyes. More important, he changed the chicken recipe from a general Southern style to a spicy fried chicken from New Orleans.

People started to come up, according to figures. By 1976, the first Popeyes franchise was open, and by 1985 the company became its 500th location.

Despite Popeyes'' rises and downs throughout the years, it has managed to survive.

While it doesn''t come out on top of the fried chicken war, (that honor belongs to Chick Fil A), it still holds its own just fine, especially for long-time fans of the brand that can''t go too long without a buttery biscuit and some of the signature red beans and rice.

The brand is bringing its head to its roots for its 50th anniversary.

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What is Popeyes Doing For Its 50th Birthday?

Despite Popeyes'' ability to make a major event of turning 50, the organization has chosen to do something somewhat less crucial.

Customers who order using the Popeyes app and purchase a minimum of $5 may pay for two pieces of chicken for 59 cents, depending on how much a two-piece cost back in 1972.

The transaction lasts until June 19, giving customers a week to enjoy Popeyes chicken at its original price. It''s a lovely nod to a simpler time, which should make longtime Popeyes fans smile.

Popeyes opened a beautiful new flagship location in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which includes self-pay kiosks to order before you get to the counter, and allows the customer to customize their order according to their own tastes.

Popeyes Looks at Its Next Big Thing

Despite Popeyes'' recent drop in sales just like its competitors, Restaurant Brand International has improved on the whole, reporting higher than expected first quarter earnings, owing in large part to its international business.

After a long-deal with the fried chicken sandwich that led a fast food war, the chain is on the lookout for its next major success. In the meantime, it will continue to strengthen its business overseasand continue to investigate the possibility of plant-based menu options for its U.S. restaurants.

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