Elon Musk jokes about his 'Diabolical' strategy

Elon Musk jokes about his 'Diabolical' strategy ...

Is Elon Musk a character''s failure?

Get Tesla Inc. Report, the world''s most powerful CEO, wants to show his atypical, iconoclastic, and unconventional side almost every day.

Musk demonstrates on his singularity to demonstrate that he does not play in the same court as the other bosses. He does not play on the rules. He expresses himself on all aspects of his life without exception and assumes a maverick and direct side, almost without filter, that few leaders may permit themselves.

The serial entrepreneur likes to tease and provoke controversy. Even when he responds to criticism, Musk does not like to be defensive. He demonstrates all these concepts once more in his ongoing $44 billion acquisition of Twitter (TWTR) - Get Twitter Inc. Report, which he claims has become the de facto Times Square of our time.

Musk has transformed his takeover into a real saga with many twists, allowing nothing to surprise observers and his detractors. He is widely used on Twitter and reminds many liberals and progressives of former President Donald Trump who was a huge user of the platform.

Tesla employees get to the office with an imaginary software.

Because it''s no surprise that Musk parodies and satires abound. The comedians and humorists have a good subject for sketches. Musk offers them with material almost daily with his many tweets and messages.

Babylonbee.com, a conservative Christian news satire site, has just published a parody or satirical article imagining a follow-up email Musk sent to Tesla employees following a recent email by asking them to return to the office for 40+ hours per week.

Since the covid-19 epidemic started in 2020, Tesla has allowed remote work. But with the economy reopening, Tesla wants to reorganize employees.

"Anyone who wishes to do remote work must have a minimum (and I mean *minimum*) time per week or depart from Tesla," Musk said in a series of emails received last week.

"And the more senior you are, the more visible must be your presence," the billionaire said. "Thanks for my vast experience in the factory so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. If I had not done that, Tesla would have gone bankrupt."

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Babylonbee.com contemplates a satirical follow-up to this email, resulting in an parody -- rather than a parody. Tesla employees receive an update of the software they have installed in their vehicles.

"Expect bug fixes, stability improvements, and your vehicle driving you to your workspace on June 8," says the author.

Tesla employees would be outraged by the news.

''''My Diabolical Plan Is Coming Together''''

This is ridiculousthe power has gone to his head. I am just as productive working from home as I am currently working in the office! While an imaginary Tesla executive explained, over brunch with her boyfriend during work hours, she needed an additional "Employee Mental Health Day" this week, to recover from the news.

Musk would send a letter to Musk''s employees in which he said that the new office space "will now have rotating ''Home Sounds'' audio playing overheadcrying babies, landscaping equipment, fire truck sirens, and the soft lull of a neighborhood chihuahua in heat."

The satire appears to have a lot made Musk laugh. He shared this message on Twitter with his more than 97.2 million followers:

"My diabolical strategy is coming together!"

Musk appears to have taken it well, and he is having fun.

While he''s waiting to have a true''diabolical'' strategy, Musk already has a ''Master Plan.''

In August 2006, the billionaire introduced, via a blog post, what he called "The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan" (just between you and me). A sort of secret guide to transform transportation and to save the environment from pollution.

In March, he announced that he was working on volume 3 of this master plan, but we do not know when he will publish it. Part Two was released on July 2016.

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