Ford Comes to the Rescue of Tesla

Ford Comes to the Rescue of Tesla ...

Get Ford Motor Company ReportAnd its CEO Jim Farley has one obsession: to defeat Tesla (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc. Report.

Farley had been clear about the start of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup.

"We are attempting to challenge Tesla and all comers in order to become the world''s leading EV manufacturer," Farley said on April 26. "That''s something nobody would have expected from us two years ago."

Farley did not hesitate to mock Tesla by stating when the production of the long-awaited Cybertruck, the competitor of the F-150 Lightning, will begin. Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously promised it would be in 2023 due to several delays.

Despite ongoing supply chain issues, chip shortages, and rising raw material prices, Tesla is expected to be outclassed in 2021. Tesla and its charismatic boss Elon Musk plan to deliver 1.5 million automobiles in 2022.

Ford does not seem concerned about these figures. The legacy automobile manufacturer wants to play as equals with Tesla. And to strengthen this rivalry, Ford behaves as if GM (GM) - Get General Motors Company Report, Volkswagen (VLKAF) and other car manufacturers did not exist. It''s clear to the public that the electric vehicle market is a combination between Tesla and Ford and no one else.

''''Help All Those Poor Dead Teslas''''

Ford does not miss an opportunity to cling to this idea of a duel. Customers of the company who received the first F-150 Lightning copies since May posted messages and photos on social media, showing that the electric pickup arrived with a unique adapter. This adapter allows you to recharge a damaged Tesla.

A member of an online community of F-150 Lightning fans recently shared photos of an accessory he received with his vehicle. The member was surprised because the accessory was not listed as standard accessories that would fit in the pickup.

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"Here you go! Lightning to the rescue. We can assist all those poor dead Teslas," the user said.

The message on Lentz''s adapter packaging is "compatible with all Tesla vehicles." "J1772 Adaptor for Tesla vehicles."

On Twitter, Farley said, "Not trolling. It''s just helpful."

In the notice, Ford stated in the note that the F-150 Lightning may also charge other electric automobiles.

Ford believes that the F-150 is suited to different users. It can even serve as a generator if necessary. The F-10 Lightning has a bi-directional charging capability that allows the F-150 Lightning to last days charging your house because it has a battery capacity of up to 131 kWh.

It may also charge other electric vehicles.

Get Rivian Automotive Inc. Reportare developing cars capable of charging other electric cars and/or delivering power to your house. This is not the case with Tesla, which has a division that sells Powerwall home batteries.

Tesla does not have a charging adapter for the year 1772. It requires a proprietary connector that customers find at the company''s Supercharger network.

The disruptor is one of the world''s largest public charging stations, and it is leading the fast and ultra-fast charging segment by far. This is an important issue for electric vehicles consumers when it comes to buying it.

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