Robocallers Pushing a Fake Car Warranty on Hot Scam

Robocallers Pushing a Fake Car Warranty on Hot Scam ...

Spam calls are omnibus as fraudsters have discovered other ways to deceive consumers and persuade them to buy a car warranty or other services, posing problems with their personal information.

Even as consumers attempt to thwart them, the number of voice and text message spams has increased. Cyber criminals are trying to make a quick buck and steal your identity.

According to a report from TrueCaller, a Stockholm-based caller ID and a spam blocking app, automobile warranties are the most common scam today.

Phone scams are a valuable topic for fraudsters. The average amount of money lost in phone scams was $577, up 4.94% from the average amount of $502 received a year earlier.

According to a research, over 68 million Americans fell for a racket costing $39.5 billion, the highest amount ever.

Most Popular Phone Scams

The scammers are sophisticated and keep adopting strategies that make the calls look more authentic. One common ploy being used by hackers is called neighbor spoofing, which occurs when a criminal uses local area code phone numbers to target people.

Contossaid that car warranty scams pose a serious threat and have exploded recently. They target individuals by putting the situation to the test. If the victim falls for it and pays for the fake warranty renewal, they will lose that amount of money usually between $1,000 and $3,000, according to Contos.

A lesser concern is that the phony customer support representatives will also steal personal information such as the date of birth and the Social Security number.

The fact that vehicle registration information is readily available, makes it easier for car thieves to target people.

This allows the user to effectively impersonate a legitimate car dealership or insurance company because they will know the actual manufacture, model, and year of your vehicle, and may even know the license plate number. This is usually enough to convince most people that they are dealing with a real company and not a scammer.

The expiration of a warranty may reduce the amount of worry that vehicle owners feel.

Criminals know they can put pressure on a consumer in this way and utilize their fears and anxieties to dispel common sense, according toJasonGlassberg, the co-founder of Casaba Security, a ethical hacking company established in Redmond, Wash.

These scam calls have a number of different ways to verify their active phone numbers, which have resulted in additional calls.

According to Contos, these calls will either require the victim to hold until an operator completes the call, or they are asking the victim to press a number on their screen to speak to an operator, or to be removed from the call list. No matter what button the consumer presses, she will then be verified as an active phone number and that information will be sold to other scammers.

Text Scams

Earlier, hackers use various scare tactics, including claiming that people owe back taxes to the IRS and must pay immediately to avoid arrest, along with fake Venmo users and Zelle me-to-me scams.

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Anticipating scams are being pursued by investigators to attract non-suspecting victims.

He said that he is seeing it wreak havoc on several other brands.

Despite the economic woes, he said, there are a lot of additional scam calls about foreclosures.

The thieves have you dialed the number, and you''re off guard, according to him.

Tips for Consumers

Consumers are missing out on many options on blocking spam callers because they use VoIP capabilities that allow them to generate virtually an unlimited number of phone numbers, according to Contos.

Whenever you call someone else, they will use a different number, according to him.

Avoid sharing your cell phone number on social media and marketing requests, such as a rewards account, according to the author.

Youre are better off using a virtual number, like Google Voice, which will route to your cell phone, and you may modify it at any time, according to Contos.

Spam text messages should be treated like a suspicious email.

"It''s also important that you never use any number in the message," he said. "Robo texts will try to manipulate your emotions in order to trick you into doing something stupid. They will try to frighten you or play on your worries about the overdue bills or overdrawn accounts."

According to Quattrocchi, one approach to avoid conflict is to deploy a credible app that stops voice and text spam.

These software are very effective in reducing unwanted calls, but they aren''t suitable, according to him. Several annoying scam calls will get through. I recently added Nomorobo Max to my cell phone and have not received a robocall since installing it.

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