Underabeits at the Amsterdam docks are shown in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Underabeits at the Amsterdam docks are shown in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II ...

At the Summer Game Fest, Infinity Ward demonstrated a fresh underwater stealth warfare level.

In this second mission in the campaign, TaskForce 141 leader Captain John Price goes into the water in a lake with a fellow operative in Amsterdam. They start in a boat and then dive into the water when they get close to some bad guys.

According to John OHara, the price group is infiltrating with knives rather than guns in an attempt to stay calm at a press conference where we also saw the level. Al-Qatala, a fictional terrorist organization, has been using ports in Europe to smuggle weapons, and TaskForce 141 is attempting to disrupt it.

You can go up to a guard and jump out of the water, pull the guard down, and then execute it with a knife. In our demo, others guards saw a takedown. They started reacting and the TaskForce 141 soldiers shot them with silenced weapons.

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The whole network of guards was alerted at some point, and soldiers needed to dive underwater. You might look upward and see the aliens on the dock, swim around them, and shoot out of the water and take them out.

OHara said the guns are able to hold bullets out of the water, but physics calculations suggest that bullets would be significantly reduced. So you must remove guards from the underwater using about four bullets instead of the usual two, he said. Eventually, you emerge from the water and go after one of the leaders in a boat.

Soldiers can shoot down against you in the water or toss grenades into the game. In similar games like Warzone 2, this method of fighting will play the other way.

You have to go in guns blazing to protect the remaining guards. Overall, Modern Warfare has found a lot of satisfaction when it comes to such high-quality water simulation. Once everything is over, you must notify CIA chief Kate Laswell.

Water plays a vital role in your weapon ballistics in this game, according to OHara.

The water hazards were quite pleasant, as the water was distorted and things like sunlight might impact your vision. I suspect the soldiers were swimming in a clear fish bowl. I guess they should take their word for it that the guns may shoot out of the water or into water.

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