Refactor Games, the cofounder of Survios, has been created to develop a Football Simulator

Refactor Games, the cofounder of Survios, has been created to develop a Football Simulator ...

Refactor Games, a new game studio founded by Survios cofounder Nathan Burba, has unveiled its Football Simulator game as an early access feature on Steam.

The game is a classic indie title that is trying to sabotage the market, which isnt dominated by the Electronic Arts Madden NFL game.

The game will be available on Steam Early Access on June 9 and will cost $20. Refractor Games believes the game offers the most extensive customization feature for any sports title.

Football Simulator is a way to play football and sports gaming, according to the company. It was developed as a physics-based football game in which you can struggle through and break tackles for first downs, juggle tipped passes, and make diving interceptions.

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Over the next five years, you will have control over everything, including your teams name, logo, and stadium design, and you may create your own videos of exceptional plays using the replay system.

The season mode will also include a role-playing game (RPG) which allows you to play as the coach of your team. Players can explore a sports complex that they design, collect new playbooks, and build their dream team with editable rosters and fantasy drafts. The game will also feature a local co-op with online options.

In a statement, Refactor CEO Nathan Burba said that games are constantly updating, with endless content, but the experience is often lost due to so much fluff and technical difficulties that the immediateness of the gaming aspect has been lost. We wanted to make games that are simple, fun, and accessible, but also deep, emergent and heavily moddable.

With no annual versions, full customization capabilities, and by leaning into the RPG element, the goal is to enliven memories of classic football titles that die-hard fans are still playing and manually changing the rosters to this day.

Refactor said it wants to transfer the power over to players to modify the game how they perceive fit and share those elements with other fans throughout the whole season. That''s a jab at EA, which enables fans to slash out $60 or more every new NFL season.

In a statement, we use real-time ragdolls to simulate realistic players who can climb and fall behind, grab and break tackles, box out defenders, and more. We believe that we will provide all the players with on the gameplay side, and that they have access to it free from there. This is because we want the football video game to be more involved and flexible. This is because we must ensure that each game is different.

The company is planning a ton of future updates for the game, including cross-platform online multiplayer, VR support, a significantly expanded RPG season mode, a built-in mod browser, online leagues, and many more cinematics, animations and sound effects.

Burba was the cofounder of Survios, a virtual reality gaming business with titles like Raw Data.

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