SuperTeam Games has raised $10 million to build cross-platform blockchain sports games

SuperTeam Games has raised $10 million to build cross-platform blockchain sports games ...

SuperTeam Games has raised a seed round to develop sports games that are enhanced with blockchain technology.

Griffin Gaming Partners, a one-of-a-stakes gaming division, was a leading sponsor. Other investors include Forte, Powerhouse Capital''s former CEO, Michael Eisner, and MLS franchise owners Steve Kaplan and Bennett Rosenthal.

Jerome Collin, Mike Saperstein, Sam Sheth, and Andre Taube, who have worked in the independent gaming studio, have developed a fresh type of sports game powered by blockchain integration.

According to Jerome Collin, the company''s CEO, the established sports gaming industries have long been established and haven''t evolved much. We are working on a new generation of fast-paced sports games in which users will experience exceptional online multiplayer experiences.

2022 MetaBeat

On October 3-4 at San Francisco, CA, MetaBeat will bring together metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will alter the way all industries communicate and do business.

The firm claims to be leveraging this investment to introduce new concepts to a played-out system by leveraging their knowledge of Glu Mobile''s success and decades of experience in the gaming industry.

Peter Levin, the Griffins'' managing director, has also joined the board of directors at SuperTeam Games.

According to Levin, we look for a unique combination of innovative thinking, operational knowledge, and industry experience that can guide success. Web3 and blockchain technology has brought new monetization and digital asset ownership to players, which we believe is one of the most significant technical advances in the games history.

Forte and SuperTeam Games have partnered to provide access to blockchain infrastructure technology. Fortes platform seamlessly integrates blockchain technologies into games, enabling features such as embeddable token wallets, non-fungible token (NFT) minting and selling, and other services to help develop thriving economies in a secure and compatible manner.

Over 25 developers from Disney, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sega, 3DO, GLU, Konami, and Wizards of the Coast have been on the team.

This summer, their first game will be available through a closed beta. We are very pleased with the progress underway, and we cant wait for sports enthusiasts out there to play what we have done.

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