Unity works with Gala Games to help create the VOXverse metaverse

Unity works with Gala Games to help create the VOXverse metaverse ...

Gala Games has agreed to a $20 million professional services package to execute an ambitious metaverse project with Sim City''s creator Will Wright.

Unity will leverage its development and real-time 3D platform expertise for VOXverse, the metaverse for the Gala Games VOX Collectible Series, which includes a slew of games.

Gala is a web3 gaming and entertainment company that is publishing a wide spectrum of games funded by sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and its GALA token. This company has been able to facilitate large budget games this way, attracting experienced game developers.

According to Jason BitBender Brink, Gala''s president, around 1.3 million players have supported the Gala Games, and a total of 28 games are now in development.

2022 MetaBeat

On October 3-4 in San Francisco, CA, MetaBeat will gather metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will transform the way all industries communicate and do business.

On VoxVerse, Brink said, we gave a sneak peek. There''s something cool about it that has been done with Vox recently.

A drop of adventure packs was provided for Vox enthusiasts. And it will launch VOX Souls at the end of the month, which will determine what type of character you play in the VOXverse. An old adventure game, VOX Idle, is a text-based game, and it will be available on Discord in July.

The blockchain ecosystem for Gala Games was built on the Gala Games token (GALA), which was developed on the Ethereum blockchain, and it also works with the Binance Smart Chain. Through the token, players may invest in their game assets, like Spider Tanks, and own them. They may also sell their tokens, giving them the right to vote on the future direction of the games.

Gala Games raises funds for its developers and its own organizations by selling NFTs that are used in the games. It also pays for its blockchain processing costs the computing nodes that verify things like the NFT ownership by giving tokens to those who run the nodes.

The agreement will provide Unitys Accelerate Solutions with the studio experience to support Galas'' design of the VOXverse, a living, breathing virtual reality that the company expects to be interoperable, immersive, and ever-evolving.

In a statement, we were humbled by the confidence the Unity team has in what we were building. Will Wright''s vision for VOXverse will drastically alter how people perceive metaverses and lead the entire gaming industry to legitimizing web3 technologies for entertainment.

The Unity team will join Galas'' internal team for Mirandus and Gallium, the studio of Will Wright, to create a profoundly social metaverse. It''s all told, Gala Games is composed of over 400 people.

Gala Games has teamed up with Will Wright and his Gallium Studios employees to create a unique VOX world that transcends the metaverse powered by NFT memory and features constant growing and evolving characters.

Wrights design sensibilities will be enhanced by the VOXverse, where players set their own goals to the blockchain, with NFT avatars that bring memories and characteristics from all their gaming experiences into one cohesive digital experience.

In a statement, our team is adept at collaborating with partners to identify their main challenges and assist them in imagining innovative, effective solutions that impact AR, VR, robotics, and mixed reality environments. We are grateful to have the opportunity to assist Gala in advance its Wills vision for a new, interactive gameplay.

Every avatar has unique personalities and encounters in VOXverse, which dynamically change as a result of their in-game experiences. Players may build social influence, participate in world-building, own land in several dimensions, explore different terrains, and enter Galas other live games. It kind of looks like a blockchain version of Minecraft.

The world will continue to expand and reflect each serialized VOX drop in areas of the virtual city that are dedicated to VOX''s growing network of IP partners, including MMORPG Mirandus and AMCs The Walking Dead. VOXverse is a testament to Gala''s ambition, scale, and trust. Further plans for the future of Gala''s VOX entertainment vision will be announced at Galaverse, which returns on June 6 8 in Malta.

Gala Games has announced that it will now release three more blockchain games: Champions Arena, FreeStyle Football 2 and The Forever Winter. This week, the game also revealed that it is developing a Battlestar Galactica blockchain game. In the game, the players aim to capture one of the 12 homeworlds of humanity from the Cylons.

Weve been working on the Battlestar Galactica blockchain game for a long time with NBC Universal colleagues and finally have the opportunity to inform the world about it, according to Brink.

Grit, a Wild West shootout game, was announced on the Epic Games Store. Champions Arena is expected to be released on mobile devices and PC in 2023.

Music and film

Gala has also unveiled its new brand strategy to strengthen its focus on using Web3 to increase fan involvement. It is now the new parent company of the Gala entertainment properties for Gala Games, Gala Music, and the newly launched Gala Film to unify its watch/listen/play to earn approach.

Gala Film will offer viewers a genuine sense of ownership in the content they love. It includes choice for script choices or casting, or permitting fans to actively participate in the content they consume from their favorite IPs and talents. Several other projects are in the works, including a Vox feature film (yet to be named).

These three verticals of games, film, and music, are all deeply connected. And what we want to do, as the internationally renowned leader in this space for Web3 entertainment is to combine these together so that they can all access one another to provide superior experiences for end users. And film is a key component of that and it connects nicely with music and games.

Gala has just concluded its second month-long reward program called May Mayhem. The company provided over $4 million in GALA tokens and NFT rewards to fans and node holders for simplifying playing Town Star, Spider Tanks, Town Crush, and refering players to the Gala Games platform. Around 600 people attended the Malta event.

Galaverse is a great way to give back to our community, according to Brink.

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