Epic Games joins forces with Timberland to form a fashion designer and a fornite

Epic Games joins forces with Timberland to form a fashion designer and a fornite ...

What would boots look like in the metaverse? Better yet, what would they look like in Fortnite''s landscape?

In the art created by Epic Games, Timberland, and a group of footwear designers and artists known as ConceptKicks, we see the answers to these questions. Some of the metaboot creation was created inside Fortnite.

In an interview with GamesBeat, the companies collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind design innovation experience that blends the physical and virtual worlds to revolutionize product design.

Timberland, which is located in Stratham, New Hampshire, is known for its yellow work boot that it was established in 1973 and it is now a well-known eco brand.

2022 MetaBeat

On October 3-4 in San Francisco, CA, MetaBeat will host metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will impact the way all industries communicate and operate.

Timberland introduced a program called Construct: 10061, which was later centered on virtual design.

Footwear is in our blood and our DNA, and we have an extensive industrial design approach, according to Leenkneght. Its about making footwear that works and at the core. Construct is an expression of that. So Construct is an initiative that began a couple of years ago as the ultimate expression of need for us as a footwear driven innovation company.

Players and footwear aficionados from across the world were invited to enter the design, design, and innovation universe at Fortnite.

In an interview with GamesBeat, we should partner with companies and entities that are flexible in their thinking, capable of communicating with us and who really look beyond what we are doing. In a way that works, Raffaella Camera, the head of Epic Games, explained how real time 3D and our library and technology can transform the apparel and fashion industry from concept to consumer.

This year, with the highs and the lows of COVID, people were allowed to be together. Leenkneght said the new Construct workshop was going ahead. With this whole increase in 3D and digital design creation for footwear, we made this quantum leap because of COVID.

The multi-faceted multi-stakeholder campaign includes a number of features:

All of that seems a bit crazy, but it isn''t so crazy if you believe the metaverse is about to happen. Were in a phase of experimentation where imaginative projects like putting boots into the landscape of Fornite make absolutely no sense.

GAME CODE: 4313-0063-0736 is a code to see the Timberland Parkour Trails experience in Fortnite.

Timberland was built on a foundation of footwear innovation; our partnership with Epic Games Unreal Engine permits us to explore new dimensions as we explore the future of bootmaking and boot culture, according to Leenknegt. We have brought the collaboration model into the metaverse by inviting innovators such as Daniel Bailey, Zixiong Wei, and Aisha Kujk to collaborate with our own ACE designers, in Fortnite. At the same time, we were introducing consumers into the world of design innovation within an

Bailey was described as an expert in boot culture and sneaker culture by Leenknegt.

During Milan Design Week, a 10061 Fortnite experience will be launched at the Timberlands flagship Orefici11 store, where guests will see physical prototypes, witness live game play, and participate in real time.

Construct, which is about inviting external designers on an annual basis to come together with our innovators and to advance design innovation, has begun.

Ali SypherPK Hassan, who started producing video in the sixth grade, has been recognized as one of the world''s most recognized and successful Fortnite players/creators.

Timberland has built a legacy around some of the most famous footwear, in large part owing to their innovative, forward-thinking mindset, according to Camera. Using Unreal Engine-based tools and virtual worlds, brand enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage with Timberland boots in a way not possible today, while designers are capable of producing and collaborate in completely new ways, with the help of real-time 3D technology. It''s exciting to imagine where we can take this together. Construct: 10061, which started

The team embraced the metaboots philosophy and gave it to sneaker and boot aficionados so they could participate and engage with the metaboots.

In a statement, Daniel Bailey, the founder and creative director of ConceptKicks, said that by connecting artists and artists from different industries, we challenge and learn from each other. This season, we introduced a completely different medium into the mix with Fortnite. It was fascinating to see how BeyondCreative would interpret and manipulate existing elements to attempt to establish the footwear designers vision.

Metavision, a metaverse agency, was directing the creative strategy in bringing Construct: 10061 into Fortnite.

In a statement, Luke Price, the creative director of Metavision, said she was really interested in documenting the design process and showing how the Metaboots came to life. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with artists from different disciplines at BeyondCreative and Construct, learn about each other''s styles and influences, and with various amazing things. Metavision is focused on finding new ways to engage with audiences and tell stories in the metaverse, and it was fantastic to work with Timberland and partners who follow this pattern.

Leenknegt believes it''s important to engage fans in the process and the visual storytelling behind the brands, and the highlighted prototypes and collectibles. She said this project was about design, and thus the team didn''t use non-fungible tokens.

Consumers want to be an integral part of your storytelling, according to Leenknegt. They want to co-create it with you.

The designs will be displayed on stores, but I asked if they would integrate the designs inside the world of Fortnite. But Leenknegt said this is what they have now and will be doing more in the future. Camera said it wasn''t the intention to put the designs into battle royale.

Camera claims that we use the complete range of tools we have, from Unreal Engine itself to Quixel Megascans to Sketchfab, and all the way into Fornite, to assist in the creation of the metaboots.

The collaboration that we have with Epic and Unreal Engine is really from concept to consumer.

Leenknegt said. We realised the potential of working with Epic and Unreal Engine to dramatically alter the design process. Thats what led us to this incredible collaboration.

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