Phil Spencer, the Microsoft CEO, has laid out a 20-year vision for games

Phil Spencer, the Microsoft CEO, has laid out a 20-year vision for games ...

According to a video, Microsoft''s CEO, Phil Spencer is envisioning a different world of gaming over the next 20 years.

The objective of the project is to combine cloud gaming, such as a deal currently being announced today, where Microsoft will begin its Xbox Game Pass games on Samsung connected TVs starting on June 30.

Spencer said he is constructing a platform that can reach billions of players whether its on console, whether its on PC, or whether it via Xbox cloud streaming where players on a device they want to play should be able to find the content they desire to play.

In a video released ahead of Sundays Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Spencer said the company would focus on new games at the event, but he wanted to give an update on the company''s progress on the mission of bringing the joy and community of gaming to three billion gamers on the planet.

MetaBeat: 2022

On October 3-4 in San Francisco, CA, MetaBeat will draw together metaverse think leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will improve the way all industries communicate and operate.

Samsung smart televisions and new Game Pass territories are available.

Microsoft has announced that it will introduce the Xbox app to Samsung 2022 smart TVs and that it will expand Xbox Cloud Gaming to other countries including New Zealand and Argentina. Players will now be able to play hundreds of cloud-enabled games without a console on the smart TVs. That includes hundreds of games in the Game Pass Ultimate library as well as Fortnite, without a subscription.

Microsoft promises that playing Xbox games on Samsungs TVs will be a smooth experience than using any other app on your TV.

Microsoft Edge and Windows 11 are becoming more popular gaming devices.

It is also releasing updates for Xbox Game Pass members, and it is also introducing additional options to express yourself with Xbox Design Lab.

Players will be able to access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Hub or Media Hub on June 30. You may also connect your existing Microsoft account and your favorite Bluetooth controller.

If youre a Game Pass Ultimate member, youll have access to a slew of fantastic cloud-enabled games or you may enroll in Fortnite without a subscription.

Members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to play hundreds of games from the cloud on Apple and Android phones and tablets, Windows PCs, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and soon on smart TVs with Samsung.

Players in Argentina and New Zealand may play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming for free and without requiring a membership.

Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is also introducing updates to Windows 11 to provide an improved gaming experience. These include improvements for windowed games currently being tested in the Windows Insider program. These are designed to significantly improve latency and unlock other gaming features, including Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate.

Players will be able to improve their HDR displays with a new HDR calibration app.

The Game Pass Widget will allow players to browse and discover games from Game Pass, and then return to their previously played titles.

The controller bar comes with a list of the most recent games and shortcuts to popular game launchers, including the Xbox app. Players may also return to their games or even access Xbox Cloud Gaming without having to have a mouse and a keyboard.

This is also being used in the Windows Insider program. Microsoft Edge''s desktop version is coming soon, as well as some Xbox Cloud Gaming integrations.

That includes a new personalized gaming home page, which includes news, game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments, and future and newly released games, as well as the Xbox Cloud Gaming library.

The feature of the Microsoft Edge browser is also enhanced by a Built-in Clarity Boost, which lets gameplay from the cloud look sharper and clearer when playing on Windows.

The new game menu in Microsoft Edge provides easy access to free Microsoft Solitaire, Atari Asteroids, Microsoft Jewel, and the Microsoft Edges exclusive surf game, as well as assistance to new users.

In addition to that, a speedy gaming experience on Windows 10 and 11 ensures they stay operating as smoothly as possible, reducing the use of browser resources when a PC game is launched.

Microsoft will increase the capability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players to play, from the cloud, and select games they already own or have purchased outside the Xbox Game Pass library later this year.

Project Moorcroft, a program that teaches Xbox Game Pass members how to play new, curate demos of upcoming games, is also revealing. That means that Xbox Game Pass might be used as a promotional tool for anime.

The program will begin developing within the next year, with the goal of developing independent developers from all over the world allowing them to develop excitement.

Participating developers will be able to see how their demos perform and be paid, allowing them to show off their creativity on Xbox and reach new audiences via Game Pass.

Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab has been developed for players to express their personality and has expanded to include billions of possibilities for game controller options.

Microsoft expanded that audience and the variety of customization options and colors. This includes new pastel colors Soft Pink, Soft Orange, Soft Green, and Soft Purple. As well as new Camo Top cases with matching side caps Mineral Camo, Arctic Camo, Forest Camo, Sandglow Camo, and Blaze Camo.

Xbox Design Lab is currently operating in 11 new countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland. Taiwan will be added later this summer.


Spencer claims that the changes and improvements to the Xbox experience the company announced today are all part of its aim to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet.

It is a big goal, with many changes throughout the coming years. Gaming will evolve every day, but we see empowering and connecting the people who create games, with the people who play them, as a constant and rewarding endeavor.

Spencer said the teams are back in the office, and he was delighted with the positive results from the Christmas season as well as a healthy market share.

He was impressed by the fact that the team set up two consoles at the same time.

I am very happy with the fact that he was making new consoles, he said. We have a lot of demand. Weve got to comply with that demand with the supply as quickly as we can.

Last fall, Microsoft had big games with Forza Horizon 5, Halo: Infinite, and Age of Empires IV. Gamers are getting angry once more for new games, due to delays in several titles such as Redfall and Starfiedl until 2023.

If Microsoft completes its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the owner of the Call of Duty franchise, the King mobile games, as well as Blizzards titles, content shouldn''t be a problem.

Bethesda, a Microsoft acquisition, has a large number of games. Microsoft bought Two Hat in order to provide a trusted, inclusive online gaming facility. Microsoft''s divisions are working together on AI technology and cloud computing.

Spencer said that while building a platform that can reach billions of people, I''m sure the progress is remarkable. Whether it''s on console, PC, or via Xbox Cloud, we''re working on a platform that can be reached by millions of people.

Players will be able to play games on web browsers or apps, according to him. More than 100 million people play on Xbox.

Whats coming next?

Spencer said that the purpose of the program is to empower everyone on the planet to achieve better than it is to provide.

The company should do more to keep both gaming creators and gaming communities happy. It will continue to invest in first-party studios, as weve seen through acquisitions.

Spencer noted that PC Game Pass numbers are up 300% from the same time last year. Besides, the company is making progress in the PC market with titles such as Flight Simulator and Age of Empires IV.

Spencer believes that increased access for gamers with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and other measures will further broaden the company''s reach. He believes that the rest of the gaming industry is pleased.

Spence acknowledged that the company has embarked on a long journey in improving diversity and inclusivity at Microsoft, ensuring that the individuals making decisions aren''t a monolithic group. He said the organization needs team leaders with the aim of making sure the teams represent everyone.

He said it is crucial for teams to foster their internal beliefs and tell their own stories and experiences.

He said that every team culture is influenced by the games they ship.

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