Instruments to Increase Cellular Metabolism Research

Instruments to Increase Cellular Metabolism Research ...

AMSBIO''s broader offering of high-quality assay kits, antibodies, enzymes, and substrates for cell metabolism research has been expanded.

Activation of cell metabolism is a series of chemical synthesis (Anabolism) and degradation (Catabolism) reactions of complex macromolecules, catalyzed by enzymes that take place in living organisms, to maintain their structures, and maintain their environmental effects. Catabolism also uses energy to create macromolecules (sugars, fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins) and metabolic intermediates (pyruvate, Krebs cycle intermediates), which allows organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain

AMSBIO has created a comprehensive collection of high-quality, ready-to-use protein and cell lysates for cell metabolism research. The range includes compartmental total proteins specifically isolated from cell membrane, cytoplasma, cytoskeleton, nuclei, and mitochondria. Besides, focused cell lysates are available from human and a wide array of mammalian species / tissue types.

AMSBIO is offering a wide variety of high-quality, ready-to-use cellular metabolism assay kits that assist in rapid, high-performance detection of most target proteins. These kits are designed to measure lipid and glycerol levels, folate metabolism, pyruvate metabolism, glycolysis and gluconeogenic pathways, citrate metabolism and oxidative stress.

A new range of tools have been introduced to assist in your post-Kurb cycle research. The Krebs cycle is a metabolic component that is well-known for its ability to produce cell energy in the form of the GTP protein. AMSBIO now has an extensive range of products for the biochemical processes involved in nucleic acid metabolism, including RNA metabolism (transcription, translation, and degradation), as well as the three main processes (replication, repair, and recombination) of DNA metabolism.

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