After five years, the PC version will be released on Steam

After five years, the PC version will be released on Steam ...

It''s unmistakably a CoD film when the first few seconds involve dangling upside down from a helicopter into oncoming traffic and then shooting an ablaze truck to escape a complex situation. Modern Warfare II will likely feature a slew of similar scenarios in the single-player story alongside other more realistic and immersive experiences that follow MW19''s brutal campaign.

Infinity Ward explains that this year''s shooter will feature a revamped Gunsmith system, improved weapon handling, advanced AI, and new gameplay mechanics and elements. The campaign will feature Modern Warfare''s famous Task Force 141 operators, who will be joined this time by Alejandro Vargas of the Mexican Special Forces.

The Infinity Ward developers are particularly excited about the new water technology, which enhances gameplay throughout the campaign and multiplayer by simulating bullet speeds, along with equipment and killstreaks that interact with water. Contrary to CoD: Ghosts, players can expect underwater levels to extend beyond depth.

Activision has made a return of CoD to Steam for a five-year hiatus. However, Modern Warfare II will also be the first entry in the franchise to include a $70 standard edition alongside the $100 Vault Edition. Console players, both last and current, will also have to pay $70 for the cross-gen bundle.

On PC and consoles, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be available later this year. A new play space and sandbox mode will be added.

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