Pasha Bleasdell, a video model, has died at the age of 38

Pasha Bleasdell, a video model, has died at the age of 38 ...

Pasha de Matas Bleasdell, a video model, died of a brain tumor. Director X wrote the shocking news to the Director who said the 38-year-old passed away on June 4, 2022.

Interestingly, a friend died in the caption of an Instagram post of a video containing Bleasdell from famous Hip-Hop music videos. She is most recognized for her appearance in the Nellys Hot In Herre video, and she also appeared in the 50 Cents P.I.M.P. visuals.

Pasha Bleasdell died of a brain tumor on June 4th 2022, according to him. If you watched them in the 2000s or were there to do it, you may know Pasha. We met her doing background work on the set of Donnell Jones Where I Want to Be from there we put her in the mix. From then on, it was a wild journey.

Director X continued, "You never know when the last time you speak to someone will be the last time you speak," and concluded the heartfelt post. I hold on to my memories of you with love. Rest in Power Pasha January 24th 1984 June 4th 2022.

Terrence J, Pusha T, Lira Galore, Busta Rhymes, Gloria Velez, and others have received positive messages from his followers.

On social media, fans of the video vixen shared some of her most outrageous music video moments. View the photos below.

RIP Pasha??

RIP Pasha Bleasdell????

On the same day I styled and directed a 2000s video vixen shoot Im in shock, I was video vixen.

RIP Pasha Bleasdell, best known for her presence in Nellys Hot in Herre

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