Harrison Wagner's brother and girlfriend speak out against his death

Harrison Wagner's brother and girlfriend speak out against his death ...

Following his tragic death earlier this week, Harrison Wagner''s brother and girlfriend have spoken out.

Peter Wagner, 31, wrote and shared a carousel of photographs of him and Harrison growing up and playing sports together. Always with you.

In the same photo, Harrison''s girlfriend, Sophia Bui, shared a photo of him wrapping his arm around her and payered a heartfelt tribute to it, in which she described her late beau as the balm that calmed me.

Heres a love letter to babe. Im so dispirited. This Friday, you asked to apologize, she began. Seven years on and off, round and round we loved each other. For better or worse. In sickness and in health.

The actress of Minx apologized for missing Harrisons calls during the night these last few days and told reporters about all of the things she will miss once he is gone.

I miss singing in yr pola [sic] bear arms, curled up. I miss you posing silly animal videos. I miss you posing wonderful songs that made me cry. I hope you were given the peace you needed for me. I hope you met me in this world with you. You were the balm that soothed my soul. I hope I was your kindest friend in this world. I will always be grateful for you in this world and in any other life.

Harrison, the son of General Hospital star Jack Wagner, was found dead in a parking lot Monday morning, according to Page Six. He was 27 years old.

When asked by Page Six, the soap opera star declined to comment.

Wednesday, the coroners'' office in LA County told us that Harrison''s death request was postponed.

The doctor checks the case once more and makes the cause of death determination, according to the statement.

When his son was diagnosed after a relapse, Jack, 62, talked about Harrisons'' struggle with addiction.

I fear for my youngest children''s safety, admitted a 2016 statement. Harrison has struggled w drugs and alcohol just as I did when I was younger. Hes relapsed & is MIA 5days.

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