Farrah Abraham appears to leak a private photo of an ex-cop who rejected her

Farrah Abraham appears to leak a private photo of an ex-cop who rejected her ...

Farrah Abraham, a teen mom, is still one of the most controversial and hated celebrities right now. This is because her actions only justify hate and ridicule, and supporters are jumping at every opportunity to mock her. Abraham also reveals a private photo of an ex who denied her.

The same day she visited Debbie Durkins ECOLUXE''s movie and TV Awards lounge at Yamashiro Hollywood, recently, FarrahAbraham was seen with a mystery manon.

The man turned out to be a rock guitarist who goes by his stage name,Mack Lovat. However, it was revealed that Mack Lovat didn''t even want to date her in the first place.

Farrah Abraham reportedly planned to do the scummy thing and leaked a private photo of Lovat she sent to her Instagram account. She mailed text messages from the guitarist, including a picture of him standing in front of a mirror.

I receive the universe''s [sic] message. Don''t give anyone a chance anymore, don''t let people come out in public unless they are public & globally know [sic] or Ill have someone telling me that I was dating but to the world they don''t know me, Abraham wrote over the uncensored photo.

Don''t send me dick pics! Get some f*cking assistance & keep my name out of your mouth! You were blocked for a reason!

In a different slide, she described the musician as a regular lier [sic] who allegedly acted abusively toward her.

Any guy who enters outside with me may be in press, so I guess you don''t want to hang with a star if you don''t want to do so. Yet he was on a carpet the night before.

Farrah Abrahams new love life ended before it began, and she now decided to take the low road. Regardless, Abraham is uncorrigible and there is still nothing more to be done about that.

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