MCU fans are upset about Marvel's CGI

MCU fans are upset about Marvel's CGI ...

The MCU is officially returning with its next Disney+ appearance in Ms. Marvel, the second character to launch in her own Disney+ adventure following Oscar Isaac''s Moon Knight. Despite speculation over the use of CGI and special effects ahead of its release, fans have expressed concern.

MCU fans have been enthused about the drastic addition to Kamala Khan''s abilities, which are more cosmic than physical on the small screen. This is why this change was made in order to bind Ms. Marvel to other cosmic stories, although this hasn''t ruined all of Marvel Studios'' expectations.

As Ms. Marvel goes further along through Phase 4, fans continue to hear about the use of CGI after the first episode of the show was released to the public.

MCU Fans Comment on Ms. Marvel CGI

Warning - The rest of this article contains minor spoilers for Mrs. Marvel''s first episode.

Criticism about the CGI work in the series have flooded the internet following Ms. Marvel''s first public appearance on Disney+.

"The CGI powers REALLY look awful. And the origin of it is terrible. But I do dig Kamala to theory videos and so many fan arts. They praised her personality wisely. Also who will be the ppl in the mid credits? "

"Yk what. ms marvel was actually quite good. cgi was def rough and you could tell, but i think its going to be a lot better than i expected! having great expectations after the first ep!"

"Ms. Marvelwas exceptional, but the only difference between cgi and cgi was that Marvel Studiosstop acting as if yall didn''t have the resources for a decent cgi."

"I really liked Mrs. Marvel."

The only real concern I have is that the powers look bad and the cgi isnt great on them.

"I loved everything else, especially Kamala, and the atmosphere, like all the doodles."

"Ms. Marvel''s CGI is horrifying. What happened to Marvel''s CGI?"

"Ms Marvel Episode 1" = 9/10 (CGI was way off the lmao)"

"That''s Ms. Marvel cgi," says the author.

"Ms. MarvelEp 1 is fantastic. Excellent pacing, funny, charming, excellent Visuals, CGI already looks amazing and complete, and most definitelyIman Vellani is perfectly cast. Cant wait for more."

"I just finished Ms MARVEL episode 1 and I have to say, it was fantastic and loved every single thing about it. Her abilities are really good, and the CGI isn''t bad at all. 9.5/10 for episode 1, can''t wait for the next episode."

Ms. Marvel Hits Almost Every Mark

In recent months, the CGI in Marvel Studios projects has been a hot topic, especially in instances like the work in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the footage seen in the first trailer for She-Hulk. The same is true for Ms. Marvel, with complaints from customers who are somewhat irritated and borderline angry as Kamala Khan delved into her powers.

These complaints come on the back of a harrowing review bombing from certain fan groups, although Ms. Marvel has some positives. Iman Vellani''s portrayal of the lead character is quickly winning fans over, once the Marvel crew and cast members recognized just how excellent she was in her first true acting appearance.

In this new trailer, fans will keep an eye on what Marvel Studios does with the CGI, though there is no guarantee that it will not take away from the groundbreaking new story.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is now available on Disney+.

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