Here's what the original US Queer As Folk Cast Is Working On Right Now

Here's what the original US Queer As Folk Cast Is Working On Right Now ...

Showtimes Queer launched in 2000 as Folk the first hourlong American television drama focused on LGBTQ+ characters. While based on creator Russell T. Davies'' original British series, the US version was still viewed by some as a significant gamble before it went into production. Hal Sparks, who played Michael Novotny, was recalled as Folk cast reunion interview in Entertainment Weeklys. Im no longer with them.

Randy Harrison (Justin Taylor) recalls his first reaction: There''s no way they''ll do this in the United States, according to Judge George W. Bush.

In the end, the trailblazing US drama ran for 83 episodes across five seasons, before finally bowing to the rest in 2005. In the years that followed, the series still remained a seminal project in the advance direction toward mainstream LGBTQ+ representation. Peter Paige (Emmett Honeycutt) added to EW. People often said they were always for the queer, but they remained true to the people.

Peacock has decided to reimagine Queer as Folk once more for a 2022 New Orleans-set remake, with an entirely new cast, including Kim Cattrall. If you want to feel nostalgic, here''s what the original U.S. Queer as Folk cast has done in the past 17 years since the Showtime series finale.

Gale Harold (Brian Kinney)

In 2018, he was announced as an executive producer on the Sofia Coppolas Fairyland adaptation, featuring Geena Davis, Adam Lambert, and Cody Fern at some point. It was interesting to hear that it was being received and people were engaging with what he was doing. However, it was nice to hear that when he became [Brian], he explained to EW in 2018, recognizing the experience as exciting, rewarding, but frightening. In 2022, he was also announced as an executive producer on the film. Ge

Randy Harrison (Justin Taylor)

Harrison, who was growing up with his own sexuality, was interested in media that reflected his experience, and so he joined on to play Justin in order to be a part of gay representation on television. Along with Jordan Barbour, he now hosts a podcast called QueerAnon with Mister Sister, during which they dive deeper into pop culture, politics, and the absurdity of the day.

Hal Sparks (Michael Novotny)

Following post-QAF roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Tak & the Power of Juju, and Disney Channels Lab Rats, Sparks continued to bolster his other creative skills by writing, writing, and performing music, including with his band, Zero 1, as well as stand-up comedy for mainstream audiences. On Instagram, he recently promoted a comedy set at San Diegos The Laugh Factory in May 2022, where a now-long-haired Sparks reminded everyone in the caption of a

Peter Paige (Emmett Honeycutt)

Paiges is still the creator and executive producer of two Freeform films, The Fosters and Good Trouble, and currently plays an LGBTQ+ drama, The Thing About Harry. Despite his roles in Greys Anatomy, CSI: Miami, Bones, and American Dad!, among other things, over the years, Paiges has been a prolific character in the past tense. Now, he has also been the producer and executive producer of two Freeform films, The Fosters and Good Trouble, as well as producing

Scott Lowell (Ted Schmidt)

Lowell, who now lives in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, has appeared in a number of independent films and TV shows, including The Fosters, CSI, Castle, and Bones. After making his Broadway and West End debuts in the 2014-2015 revival of The Elephant Man, alongside Bradley Cooper and Patricia Clarkson, Lowell also produced, directed, and directed a semi-autobiographical web comedy series called Adoptable, which reunited him with Sharon Gless (Debbie Novotny).

Thea Gill (Lindsay Peterson)

Gill, who married Gina Glass, explained in her 2018 EW reunion interview that [the cast] was involved in several stage roles and TV series, including Dantes Cove, Ghost Whisperer, and Castle, as well as Lifetime films, including The Boy She Met Online. Gill, who was married to Greta Gerwigs in the 2016s 20th Century Women, played Greta Gerwigs'' mother and writes on SoundCloud.

Michelle Clunie (Melanie Marcus)

Clunie, who acted in Make It or Break It, as Teen Wolfs Mrs. Finch, among others, shared with EW that QAF producers planned to meet her and her co-stars in order to prepare them for hate mail and threats. In 2015, the LGBTQ+ activist, who is now 52 years old, took on a new role as mother to a son named Dashiell, whom she has shared with a close friend and with X-Men director Bryan Singer. However, she hasn

Robert Gant (Ben Bruckner)

According to Gants'' website, Gant also has worked as a gay life coach for each client to have a happy life. A 60-minute online session costs $200, and program participants may anticipate experiencing the unpleasant effects once it''s arrived.

Sharon Gless (Debbie Novotny)

According to her Simon & Schuster author bio, Gless shared her life between Los Angeles and Miamis Fisher Island when her time as QAFs resident PFLAG mother remained constant. In December 20, she published her memoir, Apparently There Were Complaints, which explains her struggle with alcoholism, and fear of romantic commitment. During her five-decade Hollywood career, she drew away from Los Angeles and Miamis Fisher Island.

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