Stacey Dooley is more interested in establishing a family than marriage

Stacey Dooley is more interested in establishing a family than marriage ...

After winning Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, filmmaker and journalist Stacey Dooley has remained a regular face on British telly, and she has now tested rookie cooks on BBC3''s new cooking competition Hungry For It. Outside her telly life, she and Strictly dance partner Kevin Clifton have remained an item since winning the glitterball trophy. But how does their relationship go?

Not that we know of. No Dooley or Clifton have announced any formal engagement in December. 2021. Species began with a ring on Dooley''s left hand during an appearance on The One Show, but no, she was so depressed. A month later, Dooley expressed that she does not want to marry and that she will never marry again.

I have said very openly that yes, I would like a family one day, but there is no rush and no pressure, according to Dooley during an episode of her series Stacey Sleeps Over. She said she was more interested in starting a family with Clifton than marrying. I could be useless, completely and even profoundly useless, she said. Hed divorce me in a heartbeat.

The two do live together regularly, and they offer snaps together in their London home, which is filled with fresh flowers, pampas grass, chic chairs, rugs, and art. This is the first time TBH has seen this show.

Dooley and Clifton first became public with their relationship in April 2019, and made it Instagram official around that time, according to The Sun. Their confirmation comes as a result of months of speculation that the pair dancing partnership would be more than friendly.

If their Instagram accounts and recent suggestions are anything to go by, the couple may be super happy and loved up.

Clifton talked to The Guardian in July 2020 about how the two get on like a fire at all times. She was sharing stories with others: How are you finding a lockdown with your partner? She said: "You have to find out how we get on well as friends as a couple." Cute!

The relationship with Dooley continues to be successful, but she denied that she would do everything she could to handle her private life without being so private. I do love my job, but I suppose what I needed to get to know my friends was the intrusion into my personal life, according to the Daily Mirror.

This article was initially published on October 8, 2018 and was later published.

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