After TikToker keep 1.4 million tadpoles as pets, the Frog army takes over

After TikToker keep 1.4 million tadpoles as pets, the Frog army takes over ...

You might be familiar with certain things on your FYP, but a frog army is probably the most uninteresting. TikTok userThinfrog used the platform to share his tale of rescuing tadpoles and keeping them in his garden; little did he know he might now have 1.4 million ribbiting pets.

The video shows how the frog army has erected at home. As the troop of frogs has jumped out of the water and into the owners grass. Thinfrog even revealed that the frog army has even taken over the neighbors.

Read on to see how this TikToker made a heroic move to save eggs from dying, but ended up being outnumbered by frogs.

After TikToker keeps tadpoles as pets, the frog army takes over.

Thinfrog explains that there is a lot of land that dries up every year, causing millions of frog eggs to die. He decided to rescue the eggs and scooped up as much as he could before placing them in the pond in his garden.

The TikToker predicted that he had rescued 1.4 million frog eggs. He is now left with about 1 million frogs, and about half a million tadpoles. Wait until those tiny swimmers grow into frogsthe army will take over once and for all!

The TikToker previously revealed that no one might walk in the garden as the frog army claimed the area. It appears that Thinfrog now feels some sort of disgrace as it is day 95 since the rescue and they are jumping all over the place.

Many TikTokers disagree with Thinfrogs'' actions. One user was jested, three weeks later: a frog army of 1.4 million frogs is in charge.

Others wrote that children will be reading history textbooks about the frog disaster in 2022 and waiting for the court case.

frogs are now dealing with a few more tens of thousands of tadpoles.

TikToker, a frog army, has received criticism from followers.

Many people are concerned about the environment''s ecological danger that the frog army might pose to the natural environment. One user namedFroggie Biologists said that picking up random frog eggs is dangerous because they may be an invasive species. An invasive species can haze an area where its not native, or even put other animals in the habitat at danger.

Others have suggested that the species that Thinfrog is handling might be rare or endangered. If this is the case, then the TikToker might be in some sort of hardship as special permits are required.

Some experts believe that the environment that the frogs are living in is unthical as they are living in a small space, which may easily become plagued with diseases, putting the frogs at jeopardy.

Follow the daily updates on Thinfrogs TikTok to continue following this tense tale of the frog army.

Because my huge frog army took over the gardens, no longer going into the garden this year and the neighbors.

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