Juancho Hernangomez, an NBA player, only appeared in Hustle because of his sister

Juancho Hernangomez, an NBA player, only appeared in Hustle because of his sister ...

Juancho Hernangomez, an NBA star, recently appeared on Hustle, a Netflix film. He revealed in a recent interview that he initially had no interest in playing the role.

Fans are admiring the new Adam Sandler film after it was released on Netflix on June 3. Juancho, who plays basketball player Bo Cruz, is also getting a lot of support from viewers.

The 26-year-old Utah Jazz actor is thought to have nearly failed to complete the film.

Juancho Hernangomez didn''t want to be a Netflix host.Hustle

The NBA star talked to Pop Culture about his first acting job. He explained how he had initially denied his role alongside Adam Sandler in Hustle.

I told my agent that he asked me to do the castings before COVID hits, three or four or five months before COVID hits. And I told them no. I mean, I didn''t want to do it.

The Spanish basketball player thought the film would be a waste of money.

I mean, I am not going to waste time on something like this. It isn''t my dream. I was focused on basketball, and I was pleased with it, Juancho said.

According to his sources, the basketballer reportedly revealed that his sister was the person who convinced him to change his mind.

We did it at the end. And I dont know how or what they see or what they like, but I continue to do castings and they get me the role.

NBA star says Adam Sandler is like his dad

Hustle on Netflix demonstrates a warm connection between the Juanchos character, Bo Cruz, and Adam Sandlers Stanley Beren.

Stanley, a Philadelphia 76ers scout, discovers Bo, an overseas basketball player. Over the course of time, the two develop a solid connection as they strive to make sure that Bo has what it takes to be in the NBA.

Out-of-the-box, the actors have a similar relationship.

Juancho said the experience "once in a lifetime."

It was fantastic. We got a really good connection, like a close family connection. Hes like my dad, Im like his older son, according to the Utah Jazz player.

We enjoy it so much every day. We spent two months together. We just loved each other. He loves basketball. He plays basketball. We play pickup games at his house. I went to his house. We played golf together.

Because, in real life, we get a great feeling, I feel like I am aware that Bo and Stanley have a great chemistry.

Fans react to the Netflix film

Here''s what fans thought about Hustle (2022).

The film Hustle (netflix) is 37mins long and you just know this is a great seller.Adam sandler is an amazing act.

Hustle is a great underdog sports film with great value. Adam Sandler is very well-known in this way because the film demonstrates his abilities as a comedic and a dramatic actor. Juancho Hernangomez has a heartfelt and emotional performance. It''s a pleasure to have it done. #HustleNetflix pic.twitter.com/C2sSO3cUpP

If you thought Uncut Gems was a fantastic Adam Sandler film, you should watch Hustle. Im not a basketball fan, but this movie has its appeal. 10/10 #AdamSandler #HustleNetflix #hustlemovie

Adam Sandler has redeemed himself as a model. Netflix''s Hustle rating is 10/10.

THE BEST HOOPS MOVIE IN A LONG TIME! #HustleNetflix pic.twitter.com/5vq2c0yGIu

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