If abortion is deemed unlawful, women will terminate pregnancies on their own, according to the Janes filmmakers

If abortion is deemed unlawful, women will terminate pregnancies on their own, according to the Jane ...

This summer, the Supreme Court will likely repeal Roe v. Wade''s 1973 legislation, allowing women in up to 26 states to have no choice but to get abortion safely. This summer, Tia told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, women will take matters into their own hands. In the meantime, while discussing their new HBO documentary The Janes, a film that reveals the value of abortion, and the fact that over half of abortions in this country are done by pill. There is also a proliferation of black-


Because of the fact that abortion is criminalized, women will go to great lengths to help bodily autonomy and to make decisions about their fate. And if that involves completing a pregnancy on their own, they will do that, especially young girls, according to the Oscar nominee.

The Janes tells the story of a group of politically engaged young women arrested in Chicago in 1972, after facing off against the police, the mob, and the church, to provide a safe-haven place for unlawful abortions. From 1968 through their arrest, they assisted in enforcing thousands of free, affordable abortions for women from all walks of life.

When they first started the clandestine network, a group of mostly white middle class women was a child; the filmmaker explained that they had a moral obligation and a philosophical obligation to disrespect a law that disrespects women. It was this conviction, according to the Emmy-nominated director, that allowed the young women to explore the very real issues they were faced. Because that was not the point, women were dying, so they were saving lives.

The Janes gives an open view of what young women in America might soon face, including revealing what they had done, and having laid it out on the line, and having witnessed something, and being forced back in, 50 years later, I cant imagine the joyous experience of being manhandled and thrown back in.

Tracy Pollan, Michael J. Foxs wife, is married for 34 years.

The Janes is a well-observed film that can be quite heavy, rather than just taking medication. In all other words, Tia said, we wanted to keep this drama, the natural drama, in whatever way we could to tell this compelling story. We want to emphasis that this is a very watchable film, which is a thriller.

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