The 65 Best Pixie Cut Haircuts

The 65 Best Pixie Cut Haircuts ...

These are the most popular pixie haircuts to try at your next salon appointment, from short hair that is textured and short on the forehead.


What Is A Pixie Cut?

A pixie haircut is a short womens hairstyle with short hair on the sides and back, along with slightly longer hair on the top with bangs. There are a range of pixie haircuts, ranging from short to longer styles.

The most traditional version is cut short all over and requires about half an inch to two or three inches of length, but modern cuts allow for undercut or tapered sides and longer hair on top. Pixie cuts may be stacked with bangs for a soft look or choppy and spiky for a tough finish.

Pixie hairstyles are also versatile, allowing you to customize the cropped hair on top to suit your face and personality. From messy to textured, spiky, fluffy and flowing appearances, the cut can accommodate a variety of requirements.

Best Pixie Cut Hairstyles

The short pixie haircut is an effortlessly recognizable and contemporary style that will give you a fabulous hairstyle. Despite the appearance''s short hair all over, the haircut is still feminine and sweet. You may use a matte hair product to make the hair dull and shaggy for a casual look. You can also keep the bangs longer and part the hair to the side for an elegant appearance.

Short pixie haircuts are easy to get and simple to style. Although they are shorter than the conventional version, especially with thick hair, and you may even add a dramatic lipstick color to your facial appearance.

Long pixie haircuts are ideal for hairstyles that are moderately short or longer than a bob. While they are gentle to maintain and style, the shorter pixie cuts tend to be slightly different depending on the face. Some women even prefer tapered or undercut sides to ensure extra contrast. There are also a few long pixie hairstyles worth tweaking.

The pixie bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle for those looking for shorter hair but prefering more length to create other appearances. Designed to be more versatile on one side, the hair can be split and smoother, depending on the length of the haircut.

The choppy pixie cut is a beautiful short hairstyle that has plenty of character. Ideal for women with thick hair, this short haircut will boldly push boundaries and create a stunningly colorful and bold look. Some prefer tapered or undercut sides, while others prefer a layered and shaggy look. The bangs are often kept longer if the plan is a feminine side part that will frame the face. Use a strong product to increase the hair up or forward.

Layered pixie haircuts add dimension and volume to short hair, giving the hairstyle another dimension. You may apply a brush to your forehead, allow them to fall naturally above your forehead, or apply a gentle styling technique to keep the top softening. While this short cut may be considered daring, women with soft characteristics may transform a layered pixie into a seductive and feminine style.

With short layers in the back and bangs in the front, the pixie haircut is a breathtaking look all over. With extra attention to the back of the head, you may add a shorter stacked pixie cut. It''s a great option for thick and thin hair.

The tapered pixie cut is a popular low-maintenance style with short hair on top and even shorter sides. The tapered sides and back provide a sophisticated look to the longer layered hair, allowing for an additional flair to come out. Ask your stylist if the blended style is correct for your look.

Bangs can be added to your pixie cut to create another dimension and provide additional styling options. Depending on whether you choose short hair all around or get an undercut on the sides and back, the bangs will allow you to highlight or hide your features. You may also include highlights as well as short and long layers to ensure maximum volume and fullness.

For a unique and outgoing look, pair your pixie cut with blonde hair to create a beautiful modern hairstyle. Some women prefer highlight, but others prefer bleach blonde hair, but all colors can match the style. Take your look to the next level with shaved, tapered, or undercut sides and long bangs in front for an effortlessly sexy look.

Experiment with trendy colors and get a silver pixie cut for a stylish chic style. A short pixie haircut with silver hair features a twist to the traditional look. Perfect for all hair types and textures as well as skin tones, your grey or silver pixie will look elegant with layers, a side part, or bangs. You can even allow your hair to grow out and expose your black, brown, or dark roots for some contrast.

For best results, asymmetrical pixie cut features longer hair on one side of the face for a relaxing and edgy appearance. Often styled as a pretty side part with loosely swept hair, the asymmetrical haircut can accentuate your face and jawline. This uneven cut will also work well with different choppy lengths to accommodate your desired texture and style, making it suitable for women with straight, thick, wavy or fine hair. Use a light styling product to maximize volume

The shaggy pixie cut involves layers, volume, and perfecting the deliberately messy look. Short hair can be spooky and timeless, but they can be both muted to the side or the edges for a messy finish. Apply a gentle styling formula to give your hair volume and texture while minimizing frizz for the perfect touch.

Sculptured pixie cuts give you completeness and depth for a classy look you can wear anywhere. Textured haircut styles look thicker with layered cuts, making them ideal for ladies with fine or thinning hair. However, these textured hairstyles work well with short and long hair, but the trick is to use a matte finish.

The spiky pixie haircut is a bold fashion statement perfect for women who want to push the boundaries with a feisty haircut. Consider a shorter spiky pixie on top and then top the hair in different directions. Whether you choose spikes all over, a faux hawk, sharp bangs, or a messy finish, the haircut is simply fantastic.

The undercut pixie is a type of haircut that is both shorter and short, that will give the hair more youthful appearance. This popular short haircut features many female celebrities. From Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus, this one has sparked a lot of popularity.

Whether you want to include blonde highlights as a brunette, putting in some lowlights as a blonde, or wanting to highlight red in your black hair, this look may be great if you need to grow out your hair later on. Even with balayage highlights and layers, your hair will continue to look gorgeous.

It seems quite too good to be true that a hairstyle is supposed to be somewhat messy, but thats when the pixie haircut is at its best. It''s easy to choose a face shape and hair type but stick the look longer to show off the layers and get that deliberately cool, bedhead look.

The pixie cut faux hawk is perfect for naturally straight hair. Use a styling product like gel or mousse as a result.

With a very short hair on the front or bottom, you may add some color or highlights to enhance your style. When you wear an edgy haircut, you may opt to go messy, spiky, shaggy, and layered.

Side kiss curls are shorter strands of hair that are positioned to give off a whimsical flair. Choose one bold curl that will hang in the front of the face. This super cute pixie cut will help you stand out in any crowd with the hottest hairstyle.

You can choose from a wide range of layered hairstyles to enhance your appearance. Consider a side-swept fringe for your pixie cut or a shaggy top that offers thickness and lift. Finally, make sure you select a stylist to make recommendations that will complement your hair type and look.

Women with thick hair love the pixie haircut because it works well whether they want a short or long haircut. Pixie haircuts are easy to get, easy to maintain, and quick to style. However, layers are the key to improving your hair''s appearance.

The curly hair pixie haircut is a must-see for those looking for a fresh look that requires less prep time. Whether you prefer curls all over or short curly hair on top with deep natural volume, the curly pixie is a beautiful look.

pixie haircuts for younger women are a versatile hairstyle, ranging from grey or white hair to overhangy hair. Some mature women prefer to extend the sides very long with an undercut or tapered cut, while others prefer to extend the length depending on your face color. Experiment with different pixie cuts to ensure the perfect look for you!

Regardless of your mood, these pixie haircuts are worth trying out. Depending on your desire for length and look, there are many benefits to choose from. Regardless of your desire for length and appearance, keep the same length all over and brush out the top for volume and lift.

This Asian pixie cut can be achieved with short or long hair with plenty of styling options. Some Asian women will choose short sides with longer bangs, while others will want short all over with longer bangs. This option is perfect for Asian women who want a smoother hair than traditional hairstyles.

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