The Top 20 Blunt Cut Haircuts

The Top 20 Blunt Cut Haircuts ...

While textured haircuts are cut with a razor or scissors to be angled at the ends, blunt cuts are cut straight across with a pair of scissors. Blunt cuts are visually striking and can be downright edgy. Here are some suggestions for incorporating a blunt cut into your personal style.

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Blunt Cut Bob

The blunt cut bob is a short hairstyle for women that is cut with a straight line at the end. This is where you should take the plunge and go super short. A blunt cut bob is the perfect way to test the waters. A blunt cut bob that closes just inches below the jawline will increase your bone structure and help your eyes pop.

This style is particularly chic when it''s silky straight and finished with a glossing spray or serum. This increases the shine and makes it look healthy and beautiful.

Blunt Cut Long Hair

When most women think of blunt cuts, they might see Anna Wintours'' classic severe chin-length blunt cut with bangs. But a blunt cut looks great on long hair. Getting a blunt cut is a great way for a woman with long hair to modernize her appearance.

It can help your hair look thick, shiny, and youthful. The key factor is the upkeep. Blunt ends require regular trims to maintain the appearance.

Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

If you like your long bob but want it to be more sleek, ask for the blunt edges to be cut next time you go for a trim. The blunt ends will look much neater and sharper than texturized ends.

Long bobs (or lobs) are flattering on almost any face shape. Adding blunt ends to the look gives a universal style a slightly more sense of poise.

Short Blunt Cut

Short hair is a great way to show off excellent bone structure, striking eyes, flawless makeup, or any other aspect you want to highlight. Consider your face as the canvas, and a short blunt cut bob haircut is the perfect frame for it.

With this look, there is still a lot of versatility. You might go short and straight with a modern pageboy, or soft and subtle with finger waves.

Blunt Haircut For Fine Hair

Fine hair tends to be stiff at the ends, but a blunt cut gives the ends a sharper, more well-defined line of demarcation.

This technique is especially suitable for shoulder-length hair. However, the shorter you go, the darker your hair will look. You may also add mousse or texturizer to your lift schedule.

Blunt Haircut For Thick Hair

Blunt cuts aren''t just suited for fine hair, but a blunt haircut for thick hair is equally elegant and chic. It adds a structural element to thick hair that grabs attention and keeps your ends moisturized. Blunt cuts are great to get when your ends are dry.

The benefits of a blunt cut will not only be reduced due to damaged hair, but also to the appearance of the hair that remains. This technique can help you see how full, thick, and lustrous your hair can be.

Blunt Haircut For Wavy Hair

While stick straight hair is typically reminded, curly girls can also hop aboard the blunt cut train. Wavy hair often ends up looking rather boho. The shape gives it a more rock and roll edge thanks to a blunt cutting.

The blunt cut will look sharp and sexy. It''s a classic style youll want as a hot everyday look.

Blunt Cut Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, a blunt cut may dramatically increase the drama and romance of your hair in a major way. A blunt cut makes curls look particularly voluminous and ethereal. This technique, coupled with the sharp blunt ends, makes this cut extremely visually appealing.

Maintenance and attention to detail may be required for curly hair to look as sharp as a blunt cut. Use a lightweight curling cream between shampoos to prolong the life of your ringlets.

Straight Hair Blunt Cut

Straight hair is a must-have for an elegant and simple look. A hair dryer and straightening iron are essential styling tools that will help you style a straight hair blunt cut hairstyle. However, too many heat treatments can cause a significant damage.

Before you apply heat, use protective sprays to minimize damage and exposure. After hair has been straightened, apply a moisturizing serum on the ends for a shiny finish. Youll also want to include a good shampoo and conditioner as well as result cuts with a professional stylist to rid the split ends.

Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs

Bangs are one of those styles that comes down to personal taste. However, if you''re bold and adventurous with your hairstyles, then you''ll be up for the challenge. Long blunt cut bangs with matching blunt cut ends take an average long hairstyle and make it feel stylish and fresh.

Use a dark ombre or balayage effect to contrast color''s tough lines.

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