The 27 Best Bangs Long Hairstyles

The 27 Best Bangs Long Hairstyles ...

Long hair with bangs complements any fashionable look. It''s low-maintenance and elegant with the perfect amount of versatility. You may choose between short and long bangs, and style the look layered, thin, or to the side. Ultimately, long hairstyles with bangs will fit your face shape perfectly, resulting in a stunning, straight finish.

With so many trendy haircuts and bangs, it''s difficult to choose the hottest cuts and styles to get right now. From side bangs to choppy layered fringes, let''s get a look at the best ways to style long hair with bangs. Highlight your features while hiding others with these trendy styles.


Long Hairstyles with Bangs

By switching to long hair with side bangs, the wearer narrows a round face. Side bangs sharpen the jawline. This hairstyle has many popular quick-fixes, including more hair density and hiding a larger forehead. This is a great way to get rid of cheekbones.

Long layered hair helps the jawline, collarbone, and shoulders to get the most attention. With side bangs, you may even change up your look with fringe scarves or ask your stylist to make a fringe scarveggy for an elegant appearance. You''ll fall in love with your new hairstyle.

Long hair shapes the face and complements short bangs. Sometimes, we embrace our foreheads and even show them off a little. Short bangs with long hair can even highlight your eyes and eyebrows. Long hair and eyebrows make short bangs look alluring. Keep it classic and cute.

Long curly hair with bangs may be sexy and beautiful in any social setting. In fact, we would go so far as to say that long natural curls just look amazing regardless of how you use them. This hairstyle is fantastic with tight ringlet curls. The haircut softens the face and makes you look brighter. Expect to completely commit with curly bangs, but the look is completely worth the effort.

Side bangs with long curly locks get the job done. This simple style gives you a shy look. People are shocked by the shape of the hair, especially when wearing short fringe bangs. Asymmetric hair can hide most flaws without using a full face of makeup.

Long hair pairs well with square-shaped faces by extending and sharpening the jawline. This look requires little upkeep, and the transition from no bangs to bangs instantly changes the whole face.

Long wavy hair eliminates the dull hair problem, particularly when combined with bangs. Natural, wavy hair makes for interesting, plump bangs. This hairdo works with almost all face shapes, depending on the thickness of the hair. Sport this unique and gorgeous style for a softer flair.

Side bangs and wavy hair add dimension to the overall look. A wider face shape thins out with side bangs. The look draws attention to the nose and lips. This softer, feminine look gives a stunning appearance to a pretty face. Consider getting side bangs, and adding a red-carpet flair.

Long bangs and long hair make the face appear longer. It also gives attention to a sharp jawline and beautiful lips. Try on this vintage hairstyle, and achieve an elegant and classy look.

Make sure you follow the natural direction of your long hair to get simple side-swept bangs. This hairstyle frames the jawline, lifts the cheekbones, and gives you the illusion of thicker hair. Make your long hair a special appearance.

Make creative with some cute bangs for long hair! The technique is super versatile, so the options are endless. Blunt bangs are an effective alternative for an off-center natural part. Keep an eye on the eyes and away from the forehead when faced with parted bangs to beautify your face shape. A fashionable new beauty trend is closer and easier than you think.

Short choppy bangs are the new look for the new season. Some people prefer neat and organized. Others prefer to be out of the ordinary. Short choppy bangs with long hair give you an odd appearance. This style offers an excellent impression.

With thick choppy bangs, make a bold statement even bolder. The brave is stunning, and this hairstyle makes it known. It is tough to keep bangs even at certain lengths, but some women prefer a simple, low-maintenance look. This unique style is among the fashioniest women.

Long choppy bangs give you the ultimate angular face shape. This style is easy to layer with long strands of hair. Layering bangs release weight from the face and draws eyes towards the chin and shoulders. Intense eyes with a pretty nose and lips go well with chic choppy bangs. Keep your long choppy bangs thin and layered for a flattering look that''s fashionable on all women.

Try long hair-strictened bangs to make you appear more fierce and mysterious. Complete the angled look with some sharp eyebrows and alluring cat eyes. A side-swept, angled look never goes out of style, and you will always come off as stunning and fierce.

Triangle bangs and long hair are perfect for a angular, long haircut. This chic look requires a lot of hair to pull off the look. They are usually placed on the front, with lots of hair. Show off your confidence by choosing this daring style.

These short bangs help hide a prominent forehead and alert attention to the eyes. Thick bangs are a classic, fashionable look. They fit an everyday golden trend that never goes out of style. They remove a lot of weight from the long hair and define the face with perfection. A look this popular makes you look flawless so go for it!

Thinner hair smooths with thin bangs. This look matches long hair flawlessly and matches with your overall appearance. Yes, thin bangs may be extended until the haircut is done more often. With minimal effort, your new hair will look incredible.

Long brown hair is feminine and soft when combined with bangs. This hairstyle gives your unique style a graceful finish. Bangs combined with long brown hair are professional and youthful. You may add highlights for additional styling and contrast that will boost this lovely look.

Get some long black hair for a more bold look. A darker look creates an air of mystery. Make this striking look stand out even more with some red lipstick and dark eyeliner. Shiny, black hair is an all-time favorite with fashionable appearances, so prepare to look fantastic.

Long blonde hair is easy to achieve and low-maintenance. Curly, wavy, or straight, long blonde hair fits perfectly with some subtle bangs.

When you cut bangs into your bright pink hair, women kissed by fire love to show off their beautiful long red hair. Whether it''s natural or dyed, red hair is striking. This bold hairstyle is perfect for you.

Parted bangs blend perfectly with a symmetrical face or makeup. This style keeps the shape of the face without hiding anything. Long hair with parted bangs is versatile, depending on your face shape and preferences. Wear pristine clipped and parted bangs, or choose a more uneven look. Keep your hairstyle unique, just like you!

Thin bangs with long hair are easy to maintain, but fringe bangs are an incredible adaptable hairstyle. Thin hair helps prevent bangs from hiding too much face. Fine hair bangs greatly enhance the appearance, but straight thin hair increases the appearance. Add some subtle bangs to your look and create additional flair.

When combined with bangs, you may create an illusion of volume or impart layers to completely alter the face. Bangs also enhance the appearance of the head by allowing you to place them in the middle, push them to the side, curl the fringe, or even blend it with the rest of your hairstyle. Give it a try, and choose the style that makes you stand out and look amazing.

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