How To Wear a Bomber Jacket

How To Wear a Bomber Jacket ...

Whether you want a casual look with jeans, a white t-shirt, or a button-up, boots, or a classic fall and winter outfit, this bomber jacket is a great option. Check out our guide to learn how to wear it correctly.


What Is A Bomber Jacket?

A bomber jacket is a military flying jacket developed for pilots and is now a casual suit for men. It was first introduced during World War I, but these were more commonly worn by pilots of long-range bombers during World War II. These thick, well-insulated leather jackets were fashioned to keep pilots warm during high-altitude collisions, which resulted in an increase in casual appearance.

The bomber jacket''s silhouette became less noticeable, and the variations made of nylon, polyester, and wool became popular. Now, the bomber jacket can be recognized by a front zipper, a fitted waistline, and ribbed cuffs. Alternatively, you may select a bomber jacket that is durable and suitable for both functionality and fashion.

Bomber Jacket Outfits

There are endless possibilities to choose from for men to try. Before looking into the rest of the outfit, it''s important to select the best color for your outfit and style.

If you''re on a budget, youll want to get a luxurious color like black that looks great with everything; otherwise, folks who want to make a bomber jacket a great part of their wardrobe can get multiple variations and variations.

You may start to piece together the rest of the outfit after you have chosen your favorite jacket. Taking the time to find the right pants, jeans, and button-ups, shoes, and boots is crucial to achieving this goal. You may also get a classic outfit with chinos or trousers, a collared shirt, and clean white shoes. Short jeans with a black shirt, shoes, or boots will make a chic fashion statement.

This year, let''s look at some of the finest bomber jacket outfit suggestions for men!

A black bomber jacket is a suitable option when it comes to creating an outfit. These bombers are often made from nylon, making them lightweight and sleek. You may add this to your warmers days by wearing it over a clean white shirt or using it as a layering piece by donning it over a cotton zip-up jacket. These bombers are also available in leather, which allows you to achieve a more refined appearance.

A fresh white bomber jacket lends itself nicely to outfits that other colors may not. For example, a lightweight white bomber is a great piece for warm spring days that might be inappropriate for other darker shades. Wear it on top of standout prints and jeans for a bright look.

The red bomber jacket is a loud piece that requires some wearability to look good, but by fitting it with neutrals throughout the rest of your outfit. Try it on top of grey or black jeans, a classic white or black shirt, and black or white shoes for a contemporary look.

The blue bomber jacket, which is clever and versatile in all shapes and styles, has a rich assortment of finishes, from light blue to navy. This stylish and casual look is affordable and inexpensive, but it can also be worn everywhere in the city.

This burgundy bomber jacket is a fun and elegant outfit to make a statement while maintaining a contemporary look. Try the style with a white shirt, black jeans, and black high-top sneakers. For a lighter appearance, try the jacket with light denim jeans or khaki chinos, a white or light colored T-shirt and classic white shoes. This piece will create a memorable layer in several outfits.

Olive green bomber jackets are influenced by their military heritage, while contrasting the green drab of original airmen jackets. Olive is a staple in menswear; don''t wear it heavily. Pair it with dark wash jeans, boots, and a T-shirt and choose it for your colder winter days. Wear a white turtleneck underneath your olive jacket to get an eye on your military jacket.

Long bombers provide less insulation and thus provide excellent winter items. Try them with slim joggers and your best pair of fresh sneakers for a shady athleisure look.

Brown leather will provide you the most benefit from the cold weather, but you may opt for black for some moto inspiration. A brown leather bomber with olive chinos and a white shirt will make you feel at home in any situation.

Suede bombers are an important accessory for adding a lot of variety to your outerwear. A bomber in a brown suede is a great accessory for softer outfits during winter. A button-down and sweater will be ideal for warm winter occasions.

When To Wear A Bomber Jacket

Because there are so many possibilities for different bomber jackets, they can be worn in many different situations. They do not have the formality of blazers, so be cautious as the dress code becomes more formal.

During summer and spring, consider wearing a nylon blazer with chinos and desert boots on top. Be sure to wear classic outfits such as t-shirts, flannels, and polo shirts, if it gets colder. Consider layering warm things like hoodies and a cable-knit sweater underneath your bomber.

Unlike traditional casual wear, bomber jackets can easily be included into smart casual dress codes. Some high-end bomber jackets with high-quality materials and attractive designs may even assist you with a larger bomber look. Pair these with slim dark chinos or black slacks and an Oxford-cloth button up shirt to create a casual look.

How Should A Bomber Jacket Fit?

The fit factor for a bomber jacket depends on how you want it to look it down. Occasionally, you may want to try the more classic styles that are wide in the arms and shoulders.

Look for a jacket that is cut closer to your torso with less space in the sleeves. The shoulders of the jacket should fit snugly without being tight and causing the jacket to pull. Be careful with the length of the sleeves; the cuffed wrists should not cause the sleeves to bunch too much. The bottom of the jacket should fall at your natural waist for a flattering appearance.

How To Wear A Bomber Jacket

  • Pick a color that you can rock with the rest of the pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Mix standout pieces in with classics in browns, blacks, and olive
  • Try modern slim nylon bomber jackets or more classic leather alternatives
  • Wear bombers casually with jeans and T-shirts
  • Dress them up with chinos, sweaters, and button-down shirts

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