101 Cute White Ink Tattoos

101 Cute White Ink Tattoos ...

Tattoos have existed for centuries, but the white ink tattoo is a rather refined technique and advancement that is becoming into style. However, the white ink color is the perfect choice for women and men who prefer the subtle, yet artistic tattoo idea. Unlike your traditional tattoo that is typically done in all black, dark gray, or color, a white tattoo is barely even visible most of the time and looks amazing on all skin types.

Learn more about white ink tattoos, how it works, and what you can expect from your own white ink tattoos. Below, we will provide some tips on how to make your decision better.


White Ink Tattoo Designs

White ink tattoos are made of a special type of ink that isn''t incredibly visible in normal light but stands out under UV light, also known as ultraviolet or black light. When in normal light, they are subtle and dainty, but when exposed to a UV light, these tattoos can be cute, fun, and appealing.

Before diving right in, be sure to keep a few safety precautions in mind. First, if your artist claims that the ink he or she uses glows in the dark, be certain to clarify this.

If it truly glows in the dark, then this means it contains phosphorus. Although phosphorus is all around you, ingesting it or having it injected into your skin can lead to severe cancer.

You should also remember that only experienced tattoo artists should offer white ink tattoos. They are significantly easier to see, thus the possibility for error is even greater among an apprentice artist.

White Tattoo Fade

Another important factor is the rate at which white ink fades. While it is true that all tattoos fade even the finest tattoos created by the best artists with the highest quality white ink tattoos fade substantially faster.

Because they don''t have the same hardy pigments that tend to fade slowly over time, the rate at which the ink fades will be significant higher.

When you out in the sun, you may prolong the life of your tattoo by wearing long sleeves and sunscreen, as well as by following-care after-care.

White ink tattoo designs vary a lot. Many people choose to get white ink tattoos in the same way as henna tattoos. While white ink appears absolutely stunning when under a UV light, it is barely noticeable in the office or at home.

These tattoos can be used to look like lace, but people who may be afraid to go with a noticeable full sleeve with regular tattoo ink may be more apt to take the plunge when it comes to white ink.

Best White Ink Tattoo Ideas

Dream catchers, floral designs, mandalas, divine bodies, and even quotes are all of the most popular white ink tattoos you can consider. Below are some of the best tattoos on various surfaces of the body, including the hands, arms, feet, and other.

Feel free to take some of your inspiration from these or create your own creative style to show your tattoo artist! Here are the best white ink tattoos to explore.

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