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Peskov Confirmed Putin And Merkel's Discussion Of The Navalny Case

Peskov Confirmed Putin And Merkel's Discussion Of The Navalny Case

The incident with the founder of the anti-corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexey Navalny was touched upon in a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"The topic of the Berlin patient was really touched upon, as the German side said," Peskov confirmed (quoted by TASS).

When asked how exactly the incident with Navalny was discussed, Peskov noted that "neither Putin nor Merkel are doctors to discuss the treatment of [Navalny]." The press Secretary of the President did not give further explanations.

Putin and Merkel had a telephone conversation on December 7. The Kremlin website says that during the conversation, the leaders of Russia and Germany discussed the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, the conflict in Ukraine, and cooperation on the coronavirus vaccine.

Navalny became ill on the plane Tomsk-Moscow on August 20. From August 20 to 22, he was hospitalized in Omsk. Local doctors found no signs of poison in his tests. Navalny was then transported to Germany for treatment, where he was in a coma until September 7. Berlin said that he was poisoned with a military substance from the Novichok group, but did not provide Russia with evidence and analysis results of the FBK founder.

On October 5, the EU imposed sanctions on six Russian officials and the State research Institute of organic chemistry and technology, allegedly because of their involvement in organizing the alleged poisoning of Navalny. Russia imposed retaliatory sanctions against officials from the administrations of the heads of Germany and France.

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