The 27 Best Skateboard Brands

The 27 Best Skateboard Brands ...

Finding the right skateboard can be a daunting process. The best skateboard brands have developed exceptional products by making high-end decks with colorful patterns in different shapes and sizes, while assurably offering a wide variety of durable trucks, wheels, bearings, and accessories. These skate brands continue to innovate with modern technology, set industry trends and offer the top skateboards on the market.

There are several skateboard companies to choose, whether it be looking to build a high-quality custom board or would like a premium product that works well for low costs. Experienced skaters will likely benefit from high-end skateboards from professional brands that can be used to perform tricks, while beginners will likely benefit from a board with a nice deck from a well-known company that can then ride around the country.

Weve created a list of the most popular skateboard brands, from Antihero and Almost to Baker and Element. Browse the most popular skateboard businesses to get a cool deck and quality parts.


Best Skateboard Brands

Antihero is one of the best skateboard companies on the market, with its long-standing design and unique designs. Despite their uniqueness, this skateboard company has built a reputation in the industry and continues to thrive. Antihero offers a wide range of premium and affordable boards to suit any budget.

Almost is an American skateboard brand founded in 1954 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. Their decks feature seven-ply, eight-ply, and carbon fiber, making their boards one of the most durable and lightweight on the market. With US manufacturing and minimal outsourcing, this company prides itself on quality control and using only eco-friendly resin. These hard-wearing boards are an excellent option for beginners.

Santa Cruz is one of the world''s oldest and most well-known skateboard designers. Established in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, this company has been pioneering and developing high-performance boards that are excellent for both design and performance. While there are several appealing graphics to explore, this classic Dot is by far the most popular board. With its pintail shape and excellent build, this skateboard will make you the envy of everybody at the skate park.

Alien Workshop, a popular American skateboard company founded in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. It is a well-known company that strives to break barriers by developing unique and high-quality products. The company also offers several board customizations, but you may also purchase performance components to customize your current board.

Baker is an American skateboard brand that has been leading the industry since 2000. This distinctive business is well-known for distributing external artists to develop their products. This approach makes these boards slightly more costly than competitors, but they are also functional and comfortable to maneuver. Baker boards are capable of handling harsh environments and unusual tricks.

Element is an established skateboard designer who continues to successfully create high-quality skateboards. While their eco-friendly approach is appealing to young riders, it also focuses on wood that reduces the need for manufacturing chemicals in the production process. Element is a well-known skateboard manufacturer that works with almost anything.

Toy Machine, a well-known skateboard manufacturer, was established in 1993 and is now expanding into several categories. Alongside incredible pop, a variety of lengths, and fantastic designs, it is a must for everyone to make a statement.

Zero, a skating company based in California, is bringing skating to its ecstatic reverberation in 1996. Their users can also download wheels, accessories, skate shoes, and apparel to reply this brand in and out of the skate park.

Girl is a skateboarding organization that strives to maintain high performance decks with tongue-in-cheek designs and the use of the ladies bathroom logo on their products range. As a result, Girl was started to combat the difficulties each founder had with competing names on the market. Regardless, you may get a deck and customize your skateboard, or select a finished piece that includes the trucks, wheels, and bearings. Girl is now one of the best skateboarding companies in the world.

Flip is a famous skateboard company that started its journey in the United Kingdom but quickly relocated to California to experience the US skate scene. Each deck uses seven-layered maple wood to achieve a smooth glide. This is why these brands are popular deck designs, and they are backed by fiber fortification for ultimate stability. Flip is a popular skater company based in the United States, with over 40 people participating in the club.

Birdhouse, a skateboarding business formerly known as a one-stop shop for skating enthusiasts, was founded in 1992 by the legendary Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. Their use of seven-ply maple wood makes boards durable, allowing for easy access to any terrain. However, the company''s riding team is what makes Birdhouse one of the most popular skating brands around. Their slew of accolades, including Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, and Shawn Hale.

Creature is a company that manufactures some of the finest skateboards on the market. They were initially designed by Russ Pope, Jason Adams, Barket Barrett, and Darren Navarrette in 1994 to represent the Darker Side of Skateboarding. However, these cool decks and complete boards appeal to a wide range of guys and girls. With amazing t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and jackets available, you may also manifest your love for Creature on the streets.

The Hills brothers decided to resolve the supply challenge themselves. Featuring a wide spectrum of board sizes, this brand is sure to help. Find out more about the brands'' decks, wheels, and accessories available online or in one of their many in-person locations.

Plan B is a skateboarding company established in San Diego, California, where Mike Ternasky believes professional riders should be the face of skating rather than faceless corporate owners. In 1994, the team was taken over by passionate riders Danny Way and Colin McKay. For the ultimate skater outfit, check out their cool apparel.

Krooked is an excellent skateboard manufacturer who excels in innovative deck designs and trendy streetwear. The boards are versatile and functional, owing to their dramatic concave shapes and greater nose structure. Most designs should always be inspired by professional riders.

Sector 9 is a distinguished skating company that offers everything from top-quality decks and trucks to commuter, carving, cruise, and park skateboards. This deck has seven-ply maple customizable commuter decks and complete boards. Beginners will appreciate the Lookout deck because it has plenty of moving space to assist you find your feet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, this deck is sure to impress.

Powell Peralta, a skateboarding company founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta, is extremely lightweight and virtually impossible to snap. Pair your gear with items from their apparel range to demonstrate your flair and unique edge.

Blind has become a stand-off in the skateboarding industry after being founded in 1988 by Mark Gonzales. This board is now owned by Spike Jonze, who is riding on several occasions. Like Cody McEntire, Kevin Romar, and Morgan Smith, these boards are made from eight-ply maple wood and boasting a steep concave for endurance.

Darkstar started its journey as a modest skateboard wheel business, but now is one of the world''s most prominent skating companies. Darkstar decks are high-quality, and come in carbon fiber and fiberglass variations. This brand is aiming to make skating inclusive for everyone. They may not be able to compete with premium boards, but their affordable and accessible approach makes them the perfect choice for beginners.

Enjoi is famous for producing skateboard decks, but this company is also praised for its high-quality accessories and apparel. Enjoi boards are instantly recognizable as they feature the famous black and white panda in different settings. However, the company''s versatile accessories make customization a success.

Habitat, a successful skateboarding company founded in 1999 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender, is known for its exceptional construction and design work. This board is made with durable seven-ply maple wood and water-based glue, providing riders with a more ecological approach. Ideally, people looking for a functional and stylish outfit should buy a few outfit essentials from their apparel collection.

Zoo York was formed in 1985 by top skateboarders Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gessner, and Adam Schatz. Although decks are still their primary focus, this company has evolved to produce an eye-catching streetwear collection. However, its current supply of unique decks, bearings, apparel, and skating accessories prove that Zoo York is back and better than ever.

When it comes to unique skateboards, clothing, and accessories, DGK comes to mind as one of the finest options out there. They are completely customizable, allowing you to showcase your authentic self with every visit to the skate park. However, beginners may prefer a something that is ready to go. This brand also has a reputation for excellence and is renowned for its impressive craftsmanship.

Primitive, an American skate and apparel company that stuttered onto the scene in 2008, may be relatively new to the game, but with the help of Andy Netkin, Jubal Jones, and Paul Rodriguez, this skating company has expanded through the ranks to provide some of the finest quality decks, wheels, and accessories available. Primitive is a great choice for the whole family.

With sturdy inner cores and concave designs for greater control, Jart skateboards are capable of handling muddy trails and urban concrete with ease.

Welcome is a pioneering and self-proclaimed American skating company that is taking the world by storm. Recognizing that a good skating brand should be about a logo and graphics, it ensures that its decks and accessories are expertly designed, hard-wearing, and well-suited for all skaters. In light of their growing popularity, Welcome have joined forces to form a team of expert riders who will guide you to develop new techniques.

How To Choose The Best Skateboards

At any local skating shop, you may select from friendly store staff and the opportunity to assist local businesses. Regardless of whether you are an beginner or a skating professional, there are many options available.

Complete boards are ready-made, while custom skateboards require you to carefully mix components for the one-of-a-kind design. Despite their simplicity, more experienced skaters prefer using their own boards for a one-of-a-kind design. Make sure that your measurements are correct for each component when shopping.

When it comes to choosing a skateboard, size may not be a major issue, but it is critical to get the right length and width for your ride. All skaters will need a board that matches their frame to ensure greater stability and smooth ride. This width should give you greater control. Kids should stick to boards that are approximately seven inches wide to keep their balance steady.

Graphics and art make a skateboard attractive, but it''s more important to look at it than looks alone. Once you have selected a design and size that''s suitable for you, you''ll want to look closely at the length and wheelbase of your deck. The following should be careful when it comes to responsiveness or speed. Generally, short tails and long noses are essential for keeping gripping your board longer. Those who appreciate durability should go for seven or eight maple wood decks with additional reinforcement.

When shopping for a set of trucks for turning and grinding, you need to focus on your deck width. Low trucks tend to provide stability but they should never go too far towards the edges of your board. Low trucks are great for ramps and bowls, while mid trucks are the best all-rounders for street skating.

Wheels can make or break you when it comes to high-performance skating. Harder wheels are typically more intense and flexible, but soft wheels are also excellent for street skaters. The hardest wheels measure 99-101a on the Durometer A Scale, while soft wheels measure 78-86. Expert skaters may choose wheels that match their preferences, whereas novices should start training on the 92-95a wheels.

Different strokes for different folks is a topic that should be mindful when it comes to deck size. Conventional boards are great for beginners because they don''t require deep foot placement, while longboards and cruisers are better suited to flat terrain and street skating. Your final choice will depend on what you want to do on your board.

Grip tape gives you the traction you need to stay on your board. It is bound to the top of your skateboard and gives you a sandpaper-like grip that keeps your feet stable. It does not fade when replaced and should be frequently used. Black tape may be used for a classic look or more vibrant designs to showcase your unique style.

When shopping for a skateboard, avoid discount stores. Target and Walmart generally stock cheaply made skateboards that will break easily and require regular replacement. Most skaters prefer investing in a high-quality skateboard from a reputable skate shop.

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