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The Number Of COVID-19 Cases On USS Theodore Roosevelt Has Exceeded 700

The Number Of COVID-19 Cases On USS Theodore Roosevelt Has Exceeded 700

At least 710 of the 4,8 thousand crew members of the American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt were infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, the US Navy reported.

At the moment, 94% of the crew members of the aircraft carrier, which almost a month ago stopped operations in the Pacific zone due to an outbreak of COVID-19 on its Board, have been tested. 3,872 sailors tested negative for the virus.

Most of the crew of an aircraft carrier - 4 158 sailors moved ashore to the quarantine. Nine people were hospitalized. One of the sailors died.

The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in late March, due to an outbreak of coronavirus on Board, was urgently sent to a base on the island of GUAM in the Western Pacific ocean.

Theodore Roosevelt's captain, Brett crozier, was removed from command of the aircraft carrier for reporting to Navy command about an outbreak on Board COVID-19, which was leaked to the media. In the report, the ex-captain warned that "due to the limited space inherent in a warship, it is impossible to ensure quarantine, the spread of the disease continues and accelerates," and noted that "this is not wartime, military personnel should not die."

Then the acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, was dismissed for making rude remarks about crozier. In particular, he claimed that crozier "betrayed his duty as an officer," that he was "either too naive or too stupid to be the captain of such a ship."

Now the aircraft carrier is undergoing sanitation. The inspection of the sailors continues.

Meanwhile, the commander of us forces in GUAM, rear Admiral John Menoni, said this week: "In the next few weeks, we will return most of his crew to the ship, and soon they will have to go to sea."

According to the US Navy, the Navy currently has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the armed forces - 1,252 people. In total, more than 5,400 infected people were identified in the US forces.

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