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Sony May Withdraw Production From Japan

Sony May Withdraw Production From Japan

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony has warned the Japanese government that it may withdraw production from the country if the rules regarding renewable energy are not changed, as the company tries to meet the environmental requirements of its partners, the Financial Times newspaper reports, citing the Minister for administrative reform Taro Kono.

"They (Sony and several other companies — ed.) told me that it is very difficult for them to purchase renewable energy in Japan. Its volume is limited, and the price is high. So they told me that we either have to do something with renewable energy, or they will have to leave Japan, " the Minister said in an interview with the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, at a meeting with the Minister, Sony Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida stressed that Japanese companies were under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. That comes as major technology companies, including Apple and Facebook, are shifting their global supply chains to 100% renewable energy.

It's worth noting that the Minister recognizes the lag of Japan from other countries in this area. Kono previously announced the creation of a government group to study regulatory requirements that prevent the introduction of renewable energy sources. The government's existing plan calls for increasing the use of renewable energy from 17% in 2018 to 24% by 2030. However, this is still below the level achieved by many European countries.

According to the newspaper, Sony plans to switch all its production facilities to greener energy sources by 2040. The biggest problem, in this case, may be the production of image sensors for Apple, located in Japan. At the same time, Sony's European production facilities are already fully powered by renewable energy, while Chinese enterprises should make this transition by the end of March this year, and North American enterprises — by 2030.

Sony Corporation is one of the world's largest consumer electronics corporations founded in 1946.

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