5 Crystals to Improve Self-Love

5 Crystals to Improve Self-Love ...

Youve heard it countless times: Before you can love someone else, you must first love yourself. To love ourselves, says Daisy Rivera Avalos, an empowerment coach who focuses on crystal healing. It doesn''t matter whether or not self-love crystals can only come from us, but we can also use that power of self-love crystals to help us get there.

To embrace the bump in your nose, to awaken the feeling of lack of self-interest, and to confidently take yourself out on a solo dinner date that all requires a significant dose of genuine admiration for the person you are. Crystals for self-love, whether you meditate with them or wear a crystal jewelry, may crack open your heart chakra (a good thing!) and boost your self-esteem. Then that solo dinner date will not appear so wacky.

Are you ready to experience the warmth of your own? Read on for self love crystals.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is naturally on the top of a list of self-love crystals. Whether you want to heal pain in your heart, attract a love that will light you up, or create love for yourself, Rose quartz is sure to bring that to light, according to Rivera Avalos. If you are battling self-sabotaging behaviors, then having another round of martinis instead of putting away pennies for retirement, again rose quartz is a great way to turn around those habits.

Wear a rose quartz necklace to help your heart chakra be knotted in knots. A rose quartz necklace will also facilitate connection between yourself and others.


Sometimes youll give something to your mother, or you may schedule a presentation at work. Rhodochrosite is a source of compassion and empathy for others, although it is primarily for yourself. Moreover, Rhodochrosite gives you the courage and confidence you need to avoid self-destructive habits. Consider picking up a rhodochrosite and placing down any app you use on.

Make sure you have a safe place for a rhodochrosite crystal near your bathroom sink and repeat it as a self-love mantra each morning in the mirror. Try something simple like, I love myself or I am worthy of good things. However, be careful not to drop the rhodochrosite in the sink, although a little bit of water wont hurt, but fully submerging the stone can cause it to crack or dissolve.


Say you were laid off, your dog was gone, and your landlord increased your rent all in the same week. Even during the toughest of times, rhodonite is known to be a source of self-love, and it helps with dealing with unresolved problems, emotional wounds, and negative energy.

Make sure you have a rhodonite crystal on your property before you leave. Even if your grounding skills are nearby, you may restore your confidence, especially when you are in the game.


The sunset stone, known as carnelian, encourages a sense of belonging while maintaining an unbreakable bond with yourself. According to Rivera Avalos, when you hold the stone, it brings this inner force to your self, and it helps in building confidence and self-esteem. Perhaps youve been blown away about being passed over for a promotion, or youre bored by the monotony of your wake-work schedule. Carlians fiery energy just as easily as youll see its blatant red and orange hues

Concentrate on something youe excited about, like a beach day or holding your newborn niece for the first time. Its intense energy will radiate through you, and you will hold your head higher afterwards.


It''s easy to fall in love with kunzites'' gentle, joyful energy. How convenient, because the purple calming crystal can help you fall deeper in love with yourself. Kunzite has the ability to bridge your heart and your mind, allowing for open and honest communication between the two a must for understanding your true wishes and desires. Kunzite helps you connect to that deep soothing love for yourself.

Wear a piece of kunzite jewelry to remind yourself that love starts within. Each time you place it on, repeat a love mantra to yourself. I am smart and powerful, and so does, today.

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