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Macron Announced A New Terrorist Attack On France

Macron Announced A New Terrorist Attack On France

France has again been hit by a terrorist attack by Islamists, French President Emmanuel Macron said in connection with the attack on a Church in nice, which ended in the death of three people.

"Once again, our country has been subjected to a terrorist Islamist attack. This morning, three of our fellow citizens fell in this Basilica of Notre-Dame in nice. It is quite clear that it was France that was attacked. At the same time, the French Consulate in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah, was attacked," Macron said during a press conference at the site of the attack, which was broadcast on his Twitter. The French President also expressed support for all Catholics in France and abroad, stressing that it is not the first time that Catholics have been targeted by terrorists and expressed his support for them on behalf of the French nation.

Macron noted that one of the key French values is freedom of religion. "If we are attacked again — we are attacked for our values, for our sense of freedom, for the ability to believe freely. And I say again: we will not give in," the French President said.

Earlier today, a man with a knife attacked people in the Church of Notre-Dame in Nice. The victims of the attack were three people: two women and one man. The attacker was detained. Another knife attack occurred in the city of Avignon, but the attacker did not have time to harm anyone and was shot by police.

That is the second Islamist attack in France in a month that has resulted in human casualties. On October 20, an 18-year-old Chechen immigrant killed and beheaded Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher, in a Paris suburb for showing his students cartoons of the prophet Muhammad to illustrate the freedom of speech.

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