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Grace Kelly's Grandson Louis Ducruet Got A Job

Grace Kelly's Grandson Louis Ducruet Got A Job

Even Royal birth sometimes does not exempt you from the need to provide for yourself. Descendants of the princely family of Grimaldi, if life pushes them to such a desperate act as finding a job, usually opt for one of two areas — fashion or sports. In favor of the latter, the son of Princess Stephanie and the nephew of the reigning Prince Albert II, Louis Ducruet, also bowed. He will soon move to the UK to take up a position as an international project adviser at Nottingham Forest football club. As part of his two-year contract, he will expand the brand's global presence.

Grace Kelly's grandson already has experience in the sports industry. Until July of this year, he was listed as an international agent for Monegasque football club Monaco (the same club where midfielder Alexander Golovin left after the World Cup in Russia).

"It's time for a new adventure, a new challenge that will allow me to gain more experience," commented Louis Ducruet on his new position.

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