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AptarGroup, Inc (ATR) 50-day Moving Average arranged at $116.19, while the company's Operating Margin (TTM) is $12.47%

AptarGroup, Inc (ATR) 50-day Moving Average arranged at $116.19, while the company's Operating Margin (TTM) is $12.47%

AptarGroup, Inc (NYSE: ATR) opened the trading session on October 16, 2020, at $116.71, demonstrating a change of 0.0086% versus the previous close at $116.34. Within the trading session, the stock price climbed to $117.23 and decreased to $116.19. Finally, the stock arranged at $116.35. Nonetheless, given a long-term vision, AptarGroup, Inc reported a 52 Week Range within the limits of $82.69-$120.67.

AptarGroup, Inc's shares outstanding currently cost $64.47M, in addition to a float of $64.04M. ATR operates in the Consumer Cyclical sector of the Packaging & Containers industry and has a market capitalization of $7.52B (as of October 16, 2020). It's noteworthy that AptarGroup, Inc's 50-day Moving Average arranged at $116.19, while such sign as 200-day Moving Average is currently $111.88.

To estimate the company's efficiency, let's take a look at AptarGroup, Inc's conglomerate performance. As yet, ATR has 14000 full-time employees. AptarGroup, Inc has generated $204,266.571 per worker Within the last fiscal year. In the interim, ATR's income per employee was $17,300.143. And now, let's take a look at the company's income report. AptarGroup, Inc's Net Income for the last fiscal year was $242.20M, while such sign as Income Before Taxes was at the level of $342.07M. ATR's Operating Income was at the mark of $371.69M.

AptarGroup, Inc (ATR) Earnings & Revenue

Talking about the Profitability, ATR reached a Profit Margin of 7.25% and an Operating Margin (TTM) of 12.47%. However, when we touch the questions of management effectiveness, AptarGroup, Inc generated a Return on Equity (TTM) of 12.54% and a Return on Assets (TTM) of 5.88%. A bit more income statements might bring clarity to our overview. According to the results of the latest quarter ended June 30, 2020, AptarGroup, Inc generated Revenue (TTM) of $2.79B, reporting a Quarterly Revenue Growth of -5.8%. As for the Revenue Per Share (TTM), this indicator was at the mark of $43.626. The company's Gross Profit (TTM) was $1.04B, while according to the EBITDA report, it was estimated at $554.78M.

AptarGroup, Inc (NYSE: ATR) Owners & Shares

Finally, let's take a look at the share statistics. As mentioned above, ATR's shares outstanding now amounts to $64.47M, where Shares Short was $331,578 versus the prior month amounted to $427,875. (Short % of Float was 0.58%). And now, let's overview which kind of investors works with AptarGroup, Inc's stocks. ATR's current ownership accounts for 89.593% institutional investors, while 0.426% of shares belong to the insiders. Also worth mentioning some indicators affecting dividends & splits. Thus, ATR's Forward Annual Dividend Rate is currently at the mark of 1.44, whereas the Dividend Yield is 1.24%, and a Dividend Payout Ratio is 41.62% (Dividend Date: August 19, 2020). The company's Dividend Per Share sign thereby is $1.44.

ATR Trading Performance

It's time to observe the current performance indicators for AptarGroup, Inc. ATR's price/earnings to growth ratio during the last reported quarter was 2.47%. The company's PE Ratio stands at 38.1443%, while ATR's Beta score is 0.6315. Also worth noting that AptarGroup, Inc's Diluted EPS (Earnings per Share) trailing twelve months is at the mark of 3.052. Other valuable indicators are Price To Sales Ratio (TTM), which is currently recorded at 2.7634, as well as Price To Book Ratio, which amounts to 4.5581.

AptarGroup, Inc Analysis & Estimates

Within the previous 9-day period, AptarGroup, Inc's Average True Range (ATR) was 1.8993, while the stock's Stochastic SlowD moving average was 48.8898%, and the SlowK moving average volumed at 48.8898%.

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