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China Reported No Deaths From COVID-19 For The Eighth Day In A Row

China Reported No Deaths From COVID-19 For The Eighth Day In A Row

In mainland China, ten new cases of COVID-19 were detected during the day, six were "imported," and no deaths related to the coronavirus were recorded, the State Health Committee of China reported on its official website.

The last time Chinese authorities reported deaths from the coronavirus was on April 15. Thus, there were no deaths related to COVID-19 in the country for the eighth day.

The day before, 30 new cases of infection were reported, while 23 were imported.

There were 27 cases of asymptomatic disease, one of them foreign.

Since December, 4,632 people have died from coronavirus in China, 82,798 cases of infection have been registered, including 1,616 in people who arrived from abroad.

On the mainland, 959 people are currently being treated in medical institutions, and 63 patients are in serious condition. More than 77 thousand people recovered and left medical institutions.

Five new cases of infection were reported in Chinese territories outside the mainland, four in Hong Kong, and one in Taiwan. Since December last year, 1,504 cases have been registered in three districts: in Hong Kong, 1,033 (with four fatalities), in Macao, 45, and Taiwan, 426 (six deaths).

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