Maisie Williams Felt She Could Be Someone Much-Worseful With Pistol Role

Maisie Williams Felt She Could Be Someone Much-Worseful With Pistol Role ...

The Pistol movement dominated by the Sex Pistols in the 1970s, and there were two women who played huge roles in establishing this game-changing era. Talulah Riley and Maisie Williams star as Vivienne Westwood and Jordan (a.k.a. Pamela Rooke) in the new FX series. HollywoodLife talks intimately with the actresses about their relationship.

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Jordan was very expressive. She was dressing in ways that were both very different at the time, according to Maisie. In a recent press junket, Jordan was as if they were to be a spokesperson for the Pistols. In a sense, the music behind it and the messaging became solid. But for a long time, Jordan I think was physically embodied everything that Vivienne wanted to create, and was a moving canvas. Together and had a relationship up [her death].

Before I saw Vivienne Westwoods'' role in the punk movement, I didn''t know that she designed the safety pins and the anarchy symbol. That''s why Talulah did it.

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Jordan was a huge draw to the Viviennes store. Everyone wanted to go to SEX to see Jordan, according to Talulah. She was certainly the actual supermodel of the day, and she was a witness of that very kind of niche movement.

Maisie played Arya Stark in HBO''s Game of Thrones for eight seasons. After growing up on the show, Maisie resigned from Jordan and continued learning uncharted territory.

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Maisie said that she had just felt like she might be someone completely new; everything she had learned about myself or my body or my insecurities was absolutely perfect. I would have a brand-new identity, and I would develop someone completely new. That was really exciting, and I believe it''s something I want to try and take with me for other characters that I play.

Maisie discovered that her style had been negative to her own. She found that it was because of the fact that she never had the ability to play with before or been the person to experience that. Besides, she discovered that fashion is the core of our society, and how we react ourselves.

The 6-episode limited series explores the intersection of fashion and music. In the midst of the punk movement, fashion was constantly evolving along with music. Talulah pointed out that when both fashion and music made all the noise they might possibly have, they were simply screaming their feelings. Pistol opens May 31 on Hulu.

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