At the last minute, Britney Spears decided not to attend the 2022 meet

At the last minute, Britney Spears decided not to attend the 2022 meet ...

Britney Spears'' life had been filled with uncertainty and challenges, mostly because of her 13-year conservative under her father. Fortunately, her conservatorship was put to an end last year. With her newfound freedom, she has decided to just stay at home despite an important invitation.

Fans said that Britney Spears would be performing in TheWeeknds The Idol Show last year. However, that was not the case. In fact, Spears will not focus on singing anytime soon.

This year''s Met Gala was an incredible event that many fans were ecstatic to see. Celebrities showed off their outfit skills, including Kim Kardashian. But Britney Spears was nowhere to be seen.

Britney Spears came to her Instagram and uploaded a video, where she revealed that she didn''t go to the Met Gala, rather than staying home and relax.

Yes, I deleted this video, but I wanted it in real time in silence!!! Why was it a success!!! I had never done it before before!!! I was going to Met Gala but instead I got in the tub with my dog and put pjs on!!! I hate flying.

Britney Spears offered to take another Las Vegas residency but she denied it. She also called out her therapists, claiming they were treated like torture. Spears is living life the way she wants to, and that is what matters right now.

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