Concerns about Conor McGregor's Career Being On The Downslide

Concerns about Conor McGregor's Career Being On The Downslide ...

Conor McGregor splintered his ankle at the end of his UFC 264 defeat against Dustin Poirier last year. After that, McGregor managed to incite the outrage of many people. There is also concern about his career being on the downside.

The Notorious One has been working hard on his path to recovery since last year. He has always kept fans up to date on his progress, and they couldnt be happier for the Irishman.

Conor McGregor previously stated that he will not be making his return to the UFC as a lightweight. This is because he intends to compete in the 170 pounds division.

Michael Bisping spoke on his YouTube channel about Conor McGregors'' return and the state of his career. Bisping said it clear he is concerned that McGregor''s career is on the downside.

Im sure that he [McGregor] will do well again when hes done with his UFC career. However, his UFC career isnt just beginning, let''s be honest. I would say, respectfully, his UFC career is on the downslide today.

McGregor''s career is going on. Maybe he knocks out Kamaru Usman and becomes the world''s welterweight champion. I wonder if that''s going to happen. He has lost three of his last four [fights].

Conor McGregor was also mocked for being an Instagram fan. He is expected to make his UFC return in July this year. But he should see if he can win his return battle or not.

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