Your June Horoscope, Sagittarius, wants to be your first self

Your June Horoscope, Sagittarius, wants to be your first self ...

If your last few weeks have felt really disorganized, please leave it alone on astrology. If you read this article, you may note that your Sagittarius June 2022 horoscope has stated that things will soon expire. After all, on June 3, Mercury retrograde will finally expire (at least for now). It may be time to begin to notice that your success is improved. Find new ways to recharge and redirect your energy.

However, as Venus joins forces with Uranus in your proactive sixth house on June 11, you may experience some hiccups in the routine youve been working on restoring temporarily some of your progress. Fortunately, this spontaneous intervention may force you to look at your work in a new way, providing you with the boost you have been chasing.

The most significant moment of the month will take place on June 14. This is when the full moon in Sagittarius will radiate its magic across the cosmos, dragging something powerful out of you! Recognize yourself with revelations about who you are, what you desire, and where you are headed next. However, let this full moon paint a more vivid picture of yourself.

The start of the summer may bring forth some difficult feelings for you. As the sun enters your eighth house of death and rebirth on June 21, you may feel a little goth. However, it is also urging you to look inside; to deal with your attachments and how they suck up your energy. You may even enlist a friend by June 22, when Venus launches into your seventh house of partnerships. Join forces with someone who earned your trust!

If youre willing to take a risk, it may pay off on June 28. This is when the Cancer sun will square off with Jupiter in your playful fifth house, demonstrating you that diving into your deepest and darkest depths can lead to some pretty incredible creative breakthroughs! Its also when the new moon in Cancer will spark a surge of change to your eighth house of transformation. In order to make changes, you must make peace with what you have already received.

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