According to Meghan Markleas' hairstylist, how to wear water waves

According to Meghan Markleas' hairstylist, how to wear water waves ...

Meghan Markle''s elegant, polished, and effortless look, from low ponytails to her signature pulled back updo with loose fitting components fusing the face. Depending on how you''ve been keeping up-to-date with the red carpet, then you''ve probably noticed the plethora of major celebrities repurposing the summer trend: water waves.

At this yearas Met Gala, celebrities such as Olivia Rodrigo, Blake Lively, and Alexa Chung appeared. And even before the games in April, Meghan Markle was seen with water waves. We have contacted George Northwood, a hairdresser who has offered advice on how to recreate the popular look in the salon and abroad.

What Are Water Waves?

Supposedly, you see a mermaid who has already emerged from the sea with stunning waves, lounging on a nearby rock. According to Northwood, the water wave style is just as she had hair that has grown out of water, set in a wonderful, perfect way.

AWater waves are a lot more polished as you blow-dry hair first, or youad it and finish it with the hair nicely curled underneath, according to Northwood. ASo instead of it looking more of a beachy, tousled wave, itas more of a polished, set red carpet wave.

How To Achieve The Water Wave Look

If your hair is dry or frizzy, the first step is to blow dry the hair to get it nice and smooth. Northwood claims that aCurly hair has a quite interesting appearance to it, as long as you stick the top with the hair. AIt would also look matte in texture and you want it to look shiny in texture.

The hairstylist uses his own hair care company, Undone, to ensure that waves are smooth, set, and hold throughout the day. Northwood, along with the Volume Spray, A15, and the Moisturising Cream, A15, would help reduce frizz and hair breakage. aI would put the Volume Spray on the root, then the Moisturising Cream, and the Moisturising Cream through the mid length, before smoothing it out with a hairdryer, according to

The stylist advises his Wave Holding Spray, A15, to keep your hair from dropping throughout the day. If your hair already has a natural curl or wave, then you shouldnat need to purchase excessive amount of milk.

While it''s quite difficult to get the back of your hair, aYouall must look away from a mirror and pull the ends around with a blowdryer and a round brush. Next, you need to tong the hair in a uniform manner around the head.

Water Waves Can Be Styled Depending On Your Face Shape

aThese wavy styles that are so flattering and so elegant that it kind of works on everybody because thereas a softness to it, according to Northwood. Ideally, you should keep the length long around the face so that it fits on everyone. I believe that is what makes it so popular.a

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