Frank Thomas has been threatened to sued Jake Hager for $5 million

Frank Thomas has been threatened to sued Jake Hager for $5 million ...

Nicknames are a good way to help or crush somebody, but it is also a very important issue when it comes to polishing down the rights to that name. Jake Hager, who has been revealed on Frank Thomas, has threatened to sue him for $5 million for his Big Hurt nickname.

On the latest episode of his podcast Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho discussed the formation of the group. The highlight of the episode was when Hager claimed that Frank Thomas had threatened to sue him after posting a photo of himself wearing a big hammer on the back.

Matt Menard, who was also present in the episode, began by saying, Iused the name Big Magic before. I remember you said, I dont want to use big, because you wanted to use big for something else.

Jericho replied, "Big Hurt. Youre not big." Hes the big guy in the group. It was then Menard who asked, Wait, and Frank Thomas sued you?

Hager the admitted that your dad (Jerichos dad) given us the jerseys and the New York Rangers, and it had Big Hurt on the back of it. Chris texted me and said, thank you for helping me get it over. Next thing you know, were getting sued for $5 million. It was a threat to sue for $5 million. We had just discussed it. We even said, Why dont you come on Dynamite and wrestle me for it?''

Chris Jericho then joked, "You are a baseball player, youre not hurting anyone." Frank Thomas, go fuck yourself. Hager has apparently deleted the photo he once posted on Instagram wearing the jersey with Thomas''s name.

Thomas did not play the big win on the baseball field many years ago. He also uses that same term in his present day activities. He is adamantly uninterested.

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