Season 1 of Disney+ Has Confirmed the Genre of She-Hulk

Season 1 of Disney+ Has Confirmed the Genre of She-Hulk ...

This June, Natalie Portman''s daughter will make her triumphant return inThor: Love and Thunder, and at the end of the summer, Jennifer Walters begins in her own streaming series,She-Hulk.

Tatiana Maslany is directing Tatiana Maslany to promote her legal career and newly-found superpowers.Fans have just got their best glimpse at the gamma-infused Disney+ show, featuring Maslany''s titular hero on full display throughout the world.

Every project in the MCU is considered as its own, but this has allowed for the same set dressing and interconnected story to take place across various genres and now mediums (TV and films). Now, audiences have just received their first hint at exactlyShe-Hulkfits in the intricate tapestry known as the MCU.

Where She-Hulk Lands in the Genre Bucket

Disney+ has confirmed the genre specifics on the streaming service in anticipation of She-Hulk''s debut this August.

The descriptors of "Science Fiction, Comedy, Super Hero, and Action-Adventure" were assigned by Disney.

Despite a few of these being common among all Disney+ MCU series, a couple of them are unique. Here are the complete genre listings for every other MCU streaming project:

Coming of Age, Comedy, Super Hero, and Action-Adventure for Ms. Marvel

Fantasy, Super Hero, and Action-Adventure for Moon Knight

Buddy, a Super Hero, Action-Adventure.

What If?: Science Fiction, Anthology, Animation, Super Hero, and Action-Adventure

Loki: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Super Hero, and Action-Adventure

Science Fiction, Super Hero, Action-Adventure, and Buddy: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

WandaVision: Romance, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Super Hero

Get Ready to Giggle

BothShe-HulkandMs. Marvellook are set to be the first two Disney+ Marvel projects to be interpreted as straight comedies. Although humor is an element in almost every MCU title, only a few names in the franchise have ever been in the bucket.

She-Hulkthoughwill supposedly merge into a form of comedic narrative that isn''t yet seen in the MCU. Yes, there will be a throughline story to the series, but it looks like it''ll be a weird mix of Brooklyn 99, The Mindy Project, and a classic Marvel film.

Jennifer Walters'' story will be more about the laughs than anything else, adding another type of story to the Marvel Cinematic Universe''s diverse playground.

On August 17, She-Hulkdebuts on Disney+

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