According to reports, PlayStations Modern Warfare 2 has dropped in PS4 and Xbox mode

According to reports, PlayStations Modern Warfare 2 has dropped in PS4 and Xbox mode ...

The upcoming PC, PlayStation, and Xbox release of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) will include an exclusive mode for PS5.

If this new report is correct, it would indicate that the next Call of Duty game would be the first game in the franchise to provide exclusive PlayStation content.

This time, PS4 gamers would miss out, leaving a long list of players unable to enjoy what is currently scheduled for PS5.

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What''s Next Next to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

According to a new analysis published this week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will include an exclusive PSVR2 experience only accessible on PlayStation 5 consoles. The allegations were shared online by the RalphsValve Twitter account, which is well known for providing early information about COD games.

This latest information claims that Modern Warfare 2 will allow PS5 gamers to download and play their PlayStation VR2 Headset. However, there was no release date for this new experience by RalphsValve, but it appears it will only be available on PS5 consoles.

The date for the DLC title is still a little fuzzy.

The gameplay details remain unclear, but the good news is that Sony and Activision may have the option to launch the new project in the near future. The report concludes by saying that MW2 for VR could be disclosed during Sony''s next State of Play event, which is being held on June 2th.

A Sony message states that: "It''s been more than two months since our last State of Play, who is ready for a new one?" On Thursday, June 2, there will be over 30 minutes of announcements and updates from the PlayStation industry.

Our third-party partners have provided some interesting insight, as well as a sneak peek at several PlayStation VR games in the works, such as Twitch or on YouTube starting 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 12:00am CET.

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