Patrick Mahomes Gets Roasted Before The Match by Aaron Rodgers

Patrick Mahomes Gets Roasted Before The Match by Aaron Rodgers ...

The trash discussion between the two quarterback combinations continues to rise. The Match, a charity golf game that will take place next week in Las Vegas, is just four days away. The match is only four days away, and the awkward conversation between the two is heating up.

In a charity golf tournament, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen will compete against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. This will be the sixth time The Match has been performed, and it will be Mahomes and Allen for the first time.

Brady and Rodgers have both competed in the event before, but never together. In fact, last summer, Rodgers and professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau defeated Brady. At the time, TB12 was teamed with Phil Mickelson.

The majority of back-and-forth chat on social media had been pleasant up until this week, but on May 27, Rodgers and Brady decided to increase it to a level. By Bleacher Report on Twitter, they labeled the AFC duo.

Rodgers stated boldly:

Kermit the Frog and Josh are attempting to s*** talk me and Tom on.

Although considering Mahomes'' comparison to Kermit the Frog, it''s still a cheap attack given how humble the Chiefs quarterback was during the tournament. Brady then followed up by dropping Allen.

In his career, Josh hasn''t backed up much on the football field, particularly playing against me.

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