After Ray Liottas' death, the fiance shares a heartbreaking message

After Ray Liottas' death, the fiance shares a heartbreaking message ...

Ray Liotta''s death stories have slammed the entertainment industry. Fans have been posting their best Liotta appearances on social media, indicating that the actor was well-liked. Jacy Nittolo used Instagram to express her grief about her fiancee, Ray Liotta.

He played Henry Hill in a variety of popular roles, including Martin Scorseses Goodfellas. He has also appeared in films including Narc, Revolver, and Something Wild, and Most recently in The Many Saints of Newark, a Sopranos film.

Jacy Nittolo''s ex-wife, Ray Liotta, has posted a series of images of them on Instagram recently, as well as a poignant statement to commemorate her late partner.

My life these past couple of years have been nothing but truly amazing. Ray and I share a deep bond that I will cherish in my heart forever. We laughed daily and we were inseparable. He was everything in the world to me and we couldn''t get enough of each other. The kind of genuine love that one dreams of. He was the most beautiful person inside and out that I have ever known.

In December 2020, Liotta announced her engagement to Nittolo on Instagram. When Liotta died, he was supposedly in the Dominican Republic with Liotta. The actor was filming a film called Dangerous Waters in the country.

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