During a live stream, T.I.s Son King gets in touch with Waffle House employees

During a live stream, T.I.s Son King gets in touch with Waffle House employees ...

T.I. is one of the most successful hip-hop musicians of all time. However, the major issue is whether or not he was successful in teaching his kids manners following his wealth. T.I.s son King went back to the gym recently.

One of T.I.s younger boys was recently caught on tape in a verbal chat with restaurant staff. King Harris, who also known as Kid Sayian, was spotted inside a Waffle House in Atlanta.

According to HipHopDx, Harris was chastised because his order included pickles, and he continued to curse out the employee who delivered him his food during an Instagram Live outburst. While explaining what happened to his followers, a Waffle House employee told King: "You can talk like that outside."

I can talkhowthe f*ck I want, wherever im at, im on live! he promptly responded. King claimed to have the employees full years salary in his pocket and displayed a stack of cash. King feared to pistol-whip one of the employees.

The stream was turned off before anything else happened. It isnt the first time that King rage has been captured on camera. In 2021, he was caught getting into an argument with another man at a parking lot and not backing down. T.I. carried out the scrum, adding a picture of King degree.

The exact date of the incident at Waffle House is unknown, but the young Harris had reason to celebrate this week. On Thursday, May 26, the 17-year-old graduated from Dutchtown High School with honors, which surprised even Tip.

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