On WWE Television, The Rock was asked to steal Steve Austin

On WWE Television, The Rock was asked to steal Steve Austin ...

The Rock and Vince McMahon have some of WWE''s most memorable catchphrases. When he left the WWE due to a disagreement with Vince McMahon, he took a ball and went home. Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and The Rock had been instructed by the studio to kill Austin on-screen.

Stone Cold once refused to lose against Brock Lesnar on a RAW show. He was a six-time WWE champion who walked out. He was suspended by the company, and they attempted to bury him on-air.

The Rock was ordered to attack Austin on air, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer newsletter. The two men were long-time rivals and are credited with huge success in the Attitude Eras.

Nobody was buried as badly as Austin, who was once the company''s greatest star a few years earlier, including Jim Ross, Austin''s best friend in the business at the time, and Dwayne Johnson both being told to bury him and doing so, including Johnson using the famous took his ball and went home on television.

According to the report, McMahon was scheduled to confront him in house events. The intention was to resurrect Austins glory days while also constructing bridges.

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