After a sex tape leak, Isaiah Rashad commits a suicide attempt

After a sex tape leak, Isaiah Rashad commits a suicide attempt ...

Isaiah Rashad spoke out for the first time about a leaked sex tape of him sitting in a chair with another man in the interview. During the entire interview, he revealed that he isn''t interested in pressing charges against the person who leaked the video, but that he was attempting to keep his mind together. Despite his sexual preferences, during and after the public scandal, Isaiah Rashad described the film as''sexually fluid.''

Rashad disclosed that he had two separate car wrecks, but disclosed that he attempted to take control at the time of the first accident. He also explained how his grandfather passed away on the day following the leak.

I was so worried about my family and everything, so Isaiah told Budden. My grandma had just had a stroke and died almost as he died the next day after that. It''s not a joke but I can laugh at it now. But I was still alive a**.

He was aware of everything and continued talking to his late grandfather. He was one of the last people who told me whatever you do, and then he called me and was like, Hey, you aint alright. Im like, Ima be aight though and the next day, he died two days later.

After discovering his sextape, Isaiah Rashad claims to have driven his own automobile.

His grandfather died two days after suffering a stroke, as well as

Rashad uncovered how hes dealt with depression in the past by disciplining himself. He also revealed that if he really wanted to be successful himself he might have done it already. When I drove my car into that wall and didnt die then it was different. I was prepared for it to happen.

After denying having a near-death experience, Isaiah told Budden that hes tapped into the thought of having a reason to be here. He explained that at first, he felt it would be better if he wasnt alive so his children would not have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Despite his initial feelings, Isaiah concluded that community is what makes him want right now. Above all, he is limiting who has access to him. He has stated that he has changed his phone number and iCloud information, and is currently contemplating NDA agreements. He has also announced that he is considering unapologetically baring how he feels and touching on topics he didnt intend to mention.

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If you are thinking about suicide, you have concerns about a friend or loved one, or wish to have emotional help, contact theNationalSuicidePrevention Lifeline, who is available 24 hours a day.

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